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Hello, Myname is Anastasia. I`m 24 y.o. I`m from Belarus.
Education:Belarus State University, Faculty of International Relations ( Customs
Affairs), Bachelor
DoubleDiploma:1st year- Belarus State Economic University, Busness Administration
(Master degree) in Belarus,Minsk(2016-2017), 2d year-Polytechnic Institute of
Braganca, Management  (Master degree) inPortugal, Braganca (2017-2018)
 My mother toungue is russia language.
 I know English language (upper intermediate)and French (level A2). Now I`m in Portugal and I`m really glad to study portuguese  :)
I have experience in different fields like marketing, sales, advertising, accounting
and even engineering. In 2014 I received makeup artist diploma and really proud for myself. Sometime I enjoy write articles and fairy tales in my personal note. I really like everything that somehow connected with
creativity and art.
So, now Iwant to find a work that will be really interesting for me and help me to pay
for my education.
I`m active,original, innovative, analytical, all-round young women :)
I`m sure wecan help each other.