• System Administrator (Windows + Hardware)  since  2003
  • Work in IT-Companies and freelance  since 2006
  • DevOps, Linux user, and freelancer since 2011


Main Expertise

FE: JS (ES5), HTML5, CSS; NPM, Git, Subversion. Bootstrap. SASS, Stylus, Pug(Jade)
Builders: Gulp, Webpack
Deployment: GitHub.io, Heroku.com, Zeit.co
Sys: AWS. LAMP, bash-scripts, Docker, Jenkins, FirewallD/iptables, SQL queries, Kibana, MySQL Replications, Zabbix. Pipelines
Control Panels: Cpanel and WHM, ISP, Plesk
CMS: Wordpress, Opencart (7, 9 years experience) and others.
Also: Firebase, prototyping  and graphical tools (invisionapp, draw.io, etc.)

A little practice (Junior level)

Frameworks and routers: JS(ES6), React, Angular, Vue, REST API; Express, MongoDB, Mocha, 
BE: PHP + Composer, NodeJS
CMS: Drupal, Magento, Typo3, ModX, DLE.
Also: Blockchain, IoT, Robotechnics, AI, JIRA Administration. K8s. Mocha, Chai. MobX, Redux, Knockout.js.
I love hardware and Linux (currently Arch Linux user).

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