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Написання Email – №13

Dear Alex,
Before joining a university, at first, I had also worried and thought about what should I do. How should I behave? However, it was similar to my first day at school, my group were friendly, so we got in touch with each other from the beginning.
Do not worry about making friends. After a short tutorial from the university head, the group casually meet in a cafe, park and the like to get closer to their partners. You should just be yourself and enjoy the moment. These people will be with you for at least 5 years. Your classmates will support and advise you in difficulties, either inside or outside the university.
I recommend analyzing how long the lessons go and how much time you need to make the homework, so you would not have a problem sitting with the book until midnight. Be ready that the university takes the most time, and in the first studying year you should pay attention to your teachers and their characters.

I do not remember much about my first day in school, but it was similar to a university, with new people and new acquaintances, which is always worrying but curious. These days made my life better, I enjoyed both of them indeed.
I cannot wait to hear your story and impression.
Yours sincerely