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Lviv is developing every day, and its population is increasing, so people need more places for different activities. I analyzed what our citizens' needs, to find out where we should spend the received money.  

Sport is integral in people's lives, as everybody must move to be healthy. The sport nowadays suggests so there is a multiplicity of choices from extreme boxing or mixed martial arts to performing football or volleyball. In addition, people often choose the gym to build their muscles and reach the shape of their dreams.

People like walking in the garden or park, enjoying nature and breathing fresh air. It is a suitable place for a photo session, as nothing can stand by the beauty of nature. Meeting with friends in gardens, lying on the grass, everybody loves it. No doubt, they are the best places to work in, as it is easier to concentrate and relax in nature. In addition, trees, bushes, and grass clean the environment, and we must plant them to live a healthy life.

People demand both, sports centers and gardens, but the lack of sports centers in Lviv replaces them in second place. Besides, Lviv has enough parks and gardens all over the city, so better to spend the money on what people need more. We need more gyms, sports sections, football fields, pools, and alike to raise a healthy population.