THe project IBS

The majority dreams to be self-sufficient, to depend more on themselves, but it expects the development of the entrepreneurial spirit and the readiness to act of the first person. About the psychology of successful businessman we can learn thanks the project IBS.
How goes the training? What is taught in IBS? Are you trying to share the spirit of entrepreneurshipwith the people or whats your deal?
Yes, we are. We develop exactly the spirit ofentrepreneurshipamong our students. You can make the analogy of the spirit of General of the Army. You can read and study the 3-semesters course about the history of the Generals spirit, basic military texts, to pass an exam with distinction. Its great to talk about the Generals spirit with friends and not to be the General. Its not the same to know and to be. And the problem of modern education is that the studying is much more pseudo-scientific than needs. And the Business is the anti-science. You will look how to teach the Business nowadays? Our experience shows that in fact, the hardest thing is to teach the business those people, who have the economical education, since it is always more difficult to retrain. For example, to play ping-pong dont take yard champions, because they have already formed a certain stereotypes and instead take those, who have never taken the racket in hands. In this way, for the junior much easier to put the right hand and to teach the correct beat. In the case with the yard champions, they are needed to retrain. This is always very hard.