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Результаты КТ

A Chest CT Scan
EDE – 7 mSv

Few calcifications up to 3 mm are visualized in the subpleural parts of right S4 and S2.
Focal and infiltrative abnormalities are not determined in the left lung. Trachea and the primary bronchus are freely passable, not displaced.
Fluid in pleural cavities and pericardial cavity is not determined. Numerous calcified lymph nodes are visualized: paratracheal - up to 11x7 mm, anterior paravasal - up to 10x8 mm, supracarinal - up to 10x9 mm, aortopulmonary window lymph nodes - up to 8x6 mm, subcarinal - up to 11x8 mm; right bronchopulmonary - up to 12x10 mm, left bronchopulmonary - up to 10x8 mm. Numerous enlarged calcified right axillary and subclavicular lymph nodes from 10 mm up to 43x30 mm and left axillary lymph nodes up to 12x8 mm are visualized as well.
Bone destructive changes are not determined.
Impression: CT results are more typical for specific inflammatory (tbc) process with right-sided mediastinal, axillary and infraclavicular lymphadenopathy.