Taiga Restaurant Menu:
Cold Dishes:
Polar Fishing
(salted and oiled salmon, omul, muksun and smoked eel)
Smoky Fishtail
(smoked fish at option: muksun or vendace)
Far-Eastern Herring of Spiced Salting
(served with roasted potato and garlicky sour sauce)
Omega Star
(salmon of tawny salting with lemon and mustard-crimson sauce)
Jackfish on skis
(toast with butter, jackfish roe and caviar)
Altanian Cheesemongers Plate
(bryndza, parmesan, dorblu, cheddar, creamy and spiced cheese and other delicacies)
(simmered pork neck and veal, boiled tongue and roll of pearl-hen, raw cured and smoked salmon, beaver flesh, boar flesh and venison, mustard-crimson sauce, chrain and mustard)
Lard of Any Sort:
(smoked and spiced salting lard with mustard-crimson sauce and chrain)
The gifts of gardens:
(pepper, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, celery, black olives and green)
Hibernating of pines:
(pickles: apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, rampson, garlic, honey fungus and oyster mushrooms)
Low-key hunting:
(milk mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, honey fungus, champignons)
Spiced Tuna:
(tuna filet with sesame, jackfish row, caviar, quail egg on the pillow of mixed vegetables and lettuce napped with the olive-oil sauce)
Foxy Trophy:
(schnitzel of chicken fillet, mixed lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pepper, served with SweetnSour sauce based on the olive oil)
Haughty Duck:
(warm salad with duck breast simmered in wine, pear and berries on the pillow of mixed lettuce, cream cheese and peanuts)
White sea:
(tiger shrimps, mussels, calamari, salmon in garlic-winy sauce on the pillow of mixed lettuce and vegetables)
(mixed lettuce, tomato, pepper, mussels, calamari, crab flash, tobiko, spicy sauce)
Babbling Calf:
(boiled veals tongue, cucumber, pepper, pickled cucumber, egg, lettuce, straw potatoes, cranberries, Mayonnaise)
Nothing but Fillets:
(warm salad with veal, roasted potato and mushrooms, quail egg, mixed lettuce and spiced mustard sauce)
The Taiga Adventures of the Greek:
(iceberg lettuce, tomato, pepper, onion, Feta, olive oil, balsamic, flavoring herbs)
Ivan Ivanovich Caesar:
(roasted chicken fillet of tiger shrimps at option, lettuce, tomato, wheat toast, Caesar sauce and cheese Parmesan)
Olivier Michailovich:
(simmered veal or boiled veals tongue at option, potato, carrot, cucumber, pickled mushrooms, peas, eggs, bunching onion, caviar, Mayonnaise)
Anadyr Station:
(simmered veal, mixed lettuce, cucumber, sun-dried tomatoes, baked pepper, pickled honey fungus, quail eggs, olive oil, balsamic cream sauce)
(fish of different types, root crops and wheat groats)
Northern Prey in Round Loaf:
(goulash soup with venison and boar flash in round loaf with sour cream)
Shchi in cauldron:
(with duck broth and sour cabbage)
Shulema of Pearl-hen:
(with noodles and giblets)
Pottage of Wood Spirits Flash:
(thick pottage with mushrooms of different types and root crops)
Bread and Pastries:
Basket with Bread:
(rye bread with grist, wheat bread-sticks with onion and sunflower seeds, wheat bread with sesame)
Cheesy Wheat Bread-Sticks:
(served with spicy sauce)
Potato Crisps:
(served with tartare sauce)
Pasties and Open Pies:
(cabbage pasty, meat pasty, open fish pie, open mushroom pie and open chicken pie)
Girdlecake Bags:
(with pearl-hen and mushrooms in creamed butter or salmon and seafood at option)
Girdlecakes with Salmon and Caviar:
(roasted in brandy girdlecakes with salmon, cream cheese and caviar)
Permian Posekunchicks:
(small roasted pasties with pork, beef and cream sour)
Hot Starters:
Foreign Fried Cheese:
(Camembert in crispy crust with crimson sauce)
Urtanian Snipefish:
(chopped lamb in tomato sauce with vegetables served laid in scone with cheese)
Jacket Octopus:
(calamari with tartare and spicy sauces)
Sea Tigers Expedition:
(on your choice: tiger shrimps in garlic-winy sauce; or fried panko in spicy sauce)
Sea Midgets:
(small shrimps roasted in spices with lemon and toast)
(mussels in spicy tomato sauce with wheat toast or in creamy-vegetal sauce with cheese on your choice)
(mussels in spicy tomato sauce, mussels with vegetable saute, shrimps in winy sauce, shrimps in crispy crust, fried calamari, lemon, garlic sour creamy sauce, mustard-crimson sauce and spicy one)
Birdies wings:
(chicken wings in honey-gingery spicy icing)
The Marvie of Belorussia:
(hashbrown potatoes with sour cream and mustard-crimson sauce)
Fish Hot Dishes:
Red Fish Fillet:
(roasted or stewed salmon fillet on your choice)
The Bull-Trout in Herbs:
(entire trout stoned and baked with vegetables and SweetnSour sauce)
Volga Zander:
(roasted or stewed zander fillet on your choice with potato and caviar-creamy sauce)
Vitim Alliance:
(croquets of jackfish and omuls flash with mashed potato, creamy sauce and jackfish row)
Baikal Omul Fillet:
(roasted with onion and potato crispy omul fillet)
Muksun on the Frying-Pan:
(muksun with potato, pickled cucumber, cheese and sour cream)
Yenisei Vendace:
(grilled with bracken laid on mixed lettuce with lemon)
The Lenian Arrows:
(fried capelins with garlic creamy sour sauce and spicy sauce)
Poultry Hot Dishes:
Decoy Duck:
(ducks breast with spicy cabbage simmered in wine with berries and pear)
Crash and Burn!
(baked ducks leg on the pillow of mashed pepper and potato with spicy cabbage and creamy-crimson sauce)
Spicy Pheasant:
(pheasant in honey icing with spicy cabbage and gingery-crimson sauce)
Pointed Woodcock:
(entirely grilled chicken with tartare sauce)
A Full-Up Turkey:
(turkey fillet stuffed with vegetables, cheese, smoked meat and mashed potato, served with pepper-creamy sauce and mixed lettuce)
An Easy Target:
(kebab of chicken fillets, scone, pickled onion, vegetables and tomato sauce)
Meat Hot Dishes:
Wall-to-Wall Fighting:
(platter of grilled products for the group: pork ribs, chicken wings, pork neck, sausages: viatsky, yakutsky whip, taimyrsky, kalach; fried potato, tomato sauce and tartare sauce)
Medal of Honor:
(beef fillet with Porto sauce or brandy-creamy sauce on your choice)
Foresters Cutter:
(pork steak on bone with potato, porcini mushrooms and creamy sauce)
The Fate of Leader:
(pork neck steak with potato and rosemary, mixed lettuce and demi-glace sauce)
A Snowdrifting Roedeer:
(braised roedeer flash with buckwheat groats and mushrooms in creamy sauce)
Caucasian Bigot:
(rack of lamb with kidney, mixed lettuce and tomato sauce)
Lamb in Cauldron:
(braised over an open fire lamb with vegetables and meat-broth)
A Drunk Boar:
(boar flash in winy-crimson sauce)
A Succulent Elk:
(elk flash entrecote with winy-berry sauce and mixed lettuce)
A Trapped Boar:
(baked pork leg with mashed potato and haricot, tomato sauce and demi-glace sauce)
Sizzling Pan:
(pan with pork and potato or with chicken and vegetables on your choice)
An Easy Prey:
(pork kebab on the scone with pickled onion, vegetables and tomato sauce)
Ribs softeners:
(pork ribs in honey-gingery icing with rye dry toasts)
(sausages of pork and beef with mashed potato, spiced cabbage served with demi-glace sauce and mustard-crimson sauce)
Rams horn:
(sausages of lamb and beef with mustard-crimson sauce and chrain)
Yakutsky Whip:
(sausages of chicken fillet with spices served on crispy French bread with haricot, pickled onion, tomato sauce and mustard-crimson sauce)
Vyatsky Sausages:
(sausages of pork and chicken fillet with garlic and hot pepper served on crispy French bread with spiced cabbage, pickled onion, demi-glace sauce and tomato sauce)
Taimyrsky Elk Sausages:
(served with potato, rosemary, haricot and demi-glace sauce)
Bracken with Onion and Mushrooms
Grilled Vegetables:
(courgettes, guinea pumpkin, carrot, pepper, onion, champignons)
Roasted Potato with Mushrooms and Onion
Potato with Rosemary
Rice of Jasmine Sort
Mashed Potato:
(with cheese)
Ravioli \ Dumplings:
Mothers Siberian:
(ravioli with pork and beef in thick broth with sour cream and green)
Mint Lamb:
(ravioli of lamb with mint, spinach dough and sour cream)
Wild Affair:
(ravioli of venison and boar flash in winy-junipery sauce)
Gone Beast:
(ravioli of chicken fillet and sweet pepper in sauce of tomato and basil)
Cheesy Gun:
(dumplings with cheese baked with concasse tomatoes)
A Black Pearl:
(with crab flash, shrimps, cuttlefish ink in creamy-nutty sauce)
Sakhalin Dumplings:
(shrimps, muksun, nelma, saffron dough with creamy-pepper sauce)
Taiga Skeet:
(dumplings with potato and mushrooms in chicken broth with sour cream and green)
Cherrish Bite:
(dumplings ...

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