Diana Semenova UNIT 11
Different types of customers, their needs and expectations
a) Lotte Hotels and Resorts - is a South Korean luxury hotel chain operated by Lotte Hotel Co, Ltd., the hospitality arm of Lotte Corporation. The company was founded in May 1973. The parent of the company is Lotte Corporation.
b) Lotte Hotels and Resorts has its different customers. For example:
External customers:
Family customers are customers who come to the hotel with their children, grandparents, etc. They want bigger rooms and bigger space. Families come to the hotel to rest and to relax.
Business customers are customers who come to the hotel with business purposes. Mostly, they come alone and expect a single room.
Internal customers are people who work for the company, they are workforce. They benefit the company.
Customers' needs and expectations
1. Family customers:
  • They expect safety as if they do not trust to the hotel, they will not stay there anymore.
  • Assistancy as they are guests and they want to relax.
  • Bigger space because most families are big and there are children who cannot sit still so they need space to play or to caper.
  • Transparency. Nobody likes lies.
  • Free Wi-Fi to socialize with people and be aware of what is happening now in the world.
  • Regular cleaning services. Nobody wants to live in a dirty place, moreover, some people have allergies on dust.
  • Large number of services, such as babysitter, accomodation of animals, household appliances in the room, an extra bed and others. For example, parents may want to spend time alone without children, so they might need a babysitter.
  • They expect full breakfast to be included. Families expect big menu with variety of food.
  • A mobile check-in option. It is always convenient, for example when people are travelling, they need to register quickly or if they have no time to check up hotels, they can find suitable hotel online.
  • Garage for cars. Sometimes families come with their own car so they need a place to put it.

2. Business customers
  • They expect single rooms as most of business customers come alone, or sometimes with a partner.
  • Good lighting and desk space, so they could work there.
  • Free Wi-Fi to work online and socialize with business partners, with their family and friends.
  • Sufficient sockets to charge devices.
  • Online booking services to be fast and as simple as possible. It is convenient and takes less time than direct booking.
  • Clear official website, in case customers want to check out the distance between the hotel and their work, they quikly check the website. Besides, it saves time.
  • Calm and silent night. Nobody wants to sleep next to air conditioner, elevator or any noisy object.
  • Conference rooms to be provided to give a presentaion or to hold a meeting.

Internal customers:
  • They expect convenient locaion because they want to get to work as fast as possibe.
  • Decent salary. They expect relevant and reasonable salary.
  • Comfortable working area. Good lighting, cleanliness, registration desk, common room, etc.
  • Friendly environment. They expect their colleagues to be tolerant and friendly.
  • Annual vacation. Rest is an important thing and if staff rests the right amount of time they will have energy to work well.
  • Computer hardware and sofware issues, as nowadays it is highly important and impossible to work without. Basically, the whole information is on the computer.
  • Clear guideline. Workers clearly want to know what to do and how to do the work.

Different customers' needs and expectations
types of customers External Internal
Family Business
different needs Full breakfast Single rooms Decent salary
Bigger space Conference rooms Computers
Large number of services Good lightning Guidelines

similar needs Free access to Wi-Fi

Lotte Hotels different customers:
Touristsare the customers who visit the foreign country or city and want to live in the hotel.
New customers are customers who come to the hotel for the first time. They never stayed in the hotel before and are not aware of the assistancy.
Repeat customers are customers who have already been in the hotel and stayed there.
Loyal customers are customers who are devoted to the hotel, who always choose and stay there.
Different cusromers' needs and expectations:
1. Touristsexpect staff to speak in their language or an international language so they could understand them, convenient location, mainly close to the centre and close to popular destinations, breakfast to be included to not be bothered by finding a good cafe or restaurant early in the morning, online booking for not to running in the foreign country and looking for hotels.
2. New customers expect companies to communicate with them on their referred channel as they want to be answered immediately, clear and complete information, transparency as nobody wants to be deceived, assistancy and quality service.
3. Repeat customers expect to have an excellent assistancy like for the first time, expect to be valued and listened, they expect quick help and necessary information to be provided.
4. Loyal customers expect integrity as they are trust to the company, problems to be solved if there are any, strenghtened strategy.

Benefits for the external customers of Lotte Hotels
  • Customers repeat visit if they liked the experince
  • Polite service give them positive feelings
  • Lotte Hotels are all over the world so customers may choose the hotel no matter where they are
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner may be included so the customers will not spend time driving elsewhere
  • Free booking services on the website
  • Discount services according to usage
  • Exlusive promotional products
  • The Privilege Reward Program rewards customers of the hotel with points for staying in the hotel, which you can use like cash towards rooms, food and beverages at the hotel as well as in Lotte Duty Free Shops