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Naps2 is a convenient program for scanning and recognition of documents with the ability to save them in PDF format or as graphic images (bmp, gif, tif, jpg, png). The application allows you to create and use multiple profiles settings, depending on the quality and type of scan.
The advantage of Naps2 is support for batch scanning, which allows you to process a large amount of data in a short time.
The program has a wide range of settings. You can set the following options:
  • Title and author
  • Subject and keywords
  • Set encryption on the document
  • Access Control (editable, printable, and copied)

The program fully supports OCR (optical text recognition), so with the help of this tool you can recognize text from almost any document. Also this application provides a wide range of options to customize the output file (crop, brightness, contrast, reflection, rotation and so on). Despite the serious possibilities offered by this program, it is completely free.
Program features:
  • Save to PDF
  • Save to image formats (bmp, gif, tif, jpg, png)
  • Recognize text in all known languages of the world
  • Support for more than 3000 scanners
  • Wide opportunities for setting up scans

How do I scan with Naps2?
Download, install and run this application. To scan a file, click on the "Scan" button, then select the scanner and press the "OK" button. To view the scan result and configure it, double-click on the scan thumbnail. With this tool palette, you can flip the file, adjust the color scheme, and cut off unwanted fragments.
NAPS2 is one of the best free tools for scanning files and documents. It offers convenient functionality and demonstrates high-quality results when working with various scanning devices. The program interface provides a button to send documents by mail using Microsoft Outlook. In the output settings of the PDF file, you can control access to the document and use encryption (password).
In order to start scanning, you must have the scanner device installed and connected to your PC. If this is done, this Manager will make the scanning process simple, convenient and enjoyable.