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Задача: Написать пост  Chinese New Year 2019
Количество знаков: 5000-7000 с пробелами.
Подобрать 5-7 иллюстраций с сайтов: unsplash.com, pexels.com или pixabay.com. Скачиайте сразу в формате .jpg и шириной 1200 или 1280 px. Вставить и в текст + приложить отдельно полноразмерные фото.
Сдать в Word. Шрифт Calibri, 11 или 12. Шрифт в тексте должен быть один и тот же везде! + фото в приложении.
Подзаголовки (использовать желательно в том порядке, в котором указаны; строчные и заглавные буквы ставьте согласно нормам языка):
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360 Total Security

360 Total Security represents a new level of protection integrating several antivirus engines at the same time. A well-balanced set of Bitdefender, Cloud Scan and Avira provides sufficient security level for online browsing, shopping or gaming. If you are doubtful of some software, open it with the 360 Virtual Sandbox so any changes will not be able to hurt your system. 360 Total Security is more than just an antivirus detecting malware and virus threats. It is a feature-rich tool for optimizing your devices across various platforms including Mac and Android.


High-level protection performed in real time prevents your data from hijacking or phishing and it makes your WiFi connection safe as well. Layered 360 security ensures total download, browser, webcam and chat protection. Run quick, full or custom check with any antivirus engine available in 360 Total Security, you can use from 1 to 5 engines at the same time (consider time scaling depending on the number of engines used).


Along with powerful antivirus software you install a handy speedup utility free for use. Speedup feature scans your system for overconsuming areas including startup and scheduled items to reduce the overload of your system. Click “Optimize” to receive an optimal result automatically or disable unnecessary items and tasks manually (recommended for advanced users).


Struggle to save disc space and improve your PC’s performance? 360Total Security has a solution for you only a click away. Choose areas to be scanned and remove all detected junk and temporary files as well as plugins slowing down your system.

Key features also include:
Browser protection. Lock up your browser settings (default browser, homepage and search engine settings) to prevent them from being changed by unauthorized application or user.
360 Total VPN. Protect your online experience and get the access to the geo-restricted web sources or geo-restricted content.
360 Patch Up. Monitor and manage security updates including Microsoft and Adobe security patches to eliminate any vulnerabilities caused by outdated software.
360 Game Booster. It can be started manually or automatically to enhance your gaming experience by turning off background processes and tasks. Once you are finished, Game Booster returns your system to the initial state.

Уникальность: 100.00%

Online TV Player Free — another program for watching videos and listening to the radio on the Internet.
If you compare its cost with the cost of other programs that perform the same functions, it will cost more. But there is a free version of this program, which we offer to download at the link below.
After installation, the owner of Online TV Player Free will be available to all TV and radio stations in the world. Additional free settings are Windows Media Player and Real Player 6, which will be useful for more convenient viewing and listening of the desired channels. In addition, from the developer's website you can download a set of skins for free, with the help of which the appearance of the program will be transformed.
The interface is easy to use, there is a search bar for the desired channel or station, which greatly increases the rate of viewing. The program supports recording audio in WAV, OGG and MP3. For the successful use of all functions of the speed of the Internet connection should not be less than 64Kbit/s.
Key features of Online TV Player Free:
  • Relatively large database of channels and Internet radio;
  • Playback at speeds from 64 KB/s;
  • Support recording music to your hard drive in multiple formats;
  • Integration with popular players;
  • Several themes to choose from.

Like other TV players Online TV Player Free will entertain you at any time of the day or night, but the developers have not updated the application for a long time, so many stations and channels are not available. However, we can recommend this free TV client to download to your computer. There are interesting unique channels.
The new version of the program Online TV Player, which allows you to watch TV over the Internet, without the use of a TV tuner. Online TV Player is available in two versions: free and Pro. The second is characterized by a wider base of channels.
Online TV Player Free is a high-quality free alternative to expensive analogues for watching Internet TV. Due to the extensive list of channels, sorted by country and a large number of radio stations, included in the cohort of the best programs.