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Freedom in Society

    In this essay, I would like to observe the problem of freedom. To what extent freedom in society is possible and how it should be organized?
I shall begin with remarks that the man faced the problem of freedom when he became civilized enough. The savage did not have the desire of individual freedom, he regarded himself as a part of his tribe; the cause of it that his herd-instinct is strong, thus savages had not the need of external power to cooperate. The increasing of culture and civilization led to reducing of the influence of instincts and the consequence of it that the man starts to have the desire of some degree of individual freedom. Nowadays this problem one of the discussable in the realms of policy, economy, media etc.  
    There are two types of obstacles to freedom: physical and social. The first one is caused by human’s disability to do something and the second one is caused by the interference of other people. The former is more ease to admit, whereas the latter provokes resentment, e.g. if a farmer does not get a yield of wheat because of bad weather, he will acquiesce, but if a he does not get it because of his rivals, he will be angry and will try to revenge.
     Now let us observe several definitions. The general definition of freedom is the opportunity to do what one wants, but according to this definition freedom can be increased with maximization of power or minimization of wants, thus, the ignorant and pure individual can be freer than intelligent and rich one. This case explains psychodynamics of human being which means that the wants and desires of a man depend upon certain circumstances, e.g. today an average man wants to have a car, but in the future, he would want a personal aeroplane. But there are several vital needs that man has at any given moment, namely, needs of drink, food, sex, clothing etc. These needs can be effectively satisfied only with co-operation and this statement brings to the definition of society. Society is a group of people that cooperate with each other with a view to achieving a common aim.
In this case, freedom can be extended as far as it does not interfere with matters of other members of society, it must be limited when it prevents to satisfy biological needs. Thus, freedom must be allowed in the realms of opinions, philosophy and art, otherwise, it can lead to the monopoly of information which is harmful to the ideas of democracy.