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Social and ethical issues in genome research
The discovery of the genome has brought new insights into the understanding of the human body, our predispositions to illnesses and how to eliminate them.However, modern community still faces both social and ethical issues and the strategies towards their efficient solving are yet unclear.Genome research is an advanced scientific practise capable to encourage future biomedical studies leading to global problems solution such as diabetes or cancer. Here and now we must take responsibility and take an effort to publicize this knowledge.
The questions concerning distribution of the research results and benefits, the scientific validity and public awareness of the genome research have become even more ubiquitous than ever.
However, the most outstanding problem touching upon social and ethical aspects at the same time is the genetic discrimination. Today more and more insurance companies are aiming to receive confidential information about customer's genome tests in order to reduce possible payments. The same practice has been noticed in some companies where several applicants were rejected because of their predispositions indicated in gnome test results.
Fortunately, in many developed countries the discrimination is banned at the legislative level. The reason for such legal protection is the scientifically approved ambiguity of potentially harmful genome variants. A person can have such predispositions but possibly will never become sick.
The problem itself calls to our humanity. Genome research is the beneficial study which leads us to the better future. On the other hand, here we must be patient and tolerant to other people and consider the possible impacts of our awareness.