Prostate Toys and How to Use Them
So answer me this: If you could have thunderous, ball-rocking, leg shaking orgasmsthat left you utterly sated and with your mind blown beyond imagining, would you go there?
If youve never enjoyed the thrill of a prostate massager delivered and operated by an expert, youre missing out on an explosive experience. Located just a very few inches inside the anus on the side closest to your stomach, this tiny erogenous zone, given the correct manipulation, can bring you to a full-body orgasm which will surely rock your world. Some men can even experience multiple orgasms and stay rock hard throughout.
Expertly delivered, a prostate massage can unlock a new level of thundering sexual pleasure for many men and heres the evidence; increasing sales and use of prostate massagers.
If youre a man - or have one you like to please in your life please take just a moment to put your finger on what the prostate is, how to give a shockingly effective prostate massage, and understand the delightful, naughty thrill it can deliver.
So, What Is the Prostate Gland?
No more than the size of a walnut, this smallish gland is known to secrete the slightly alkaline substance which makes up around a full third of a mans ejaculate. Largely composed of sperm and fluid from the seminal vesicle, these ingredients mix during a mans orgasm. Its the prostate that does all the hard work during the pumping spasms a man feels as he orgasms. Located just below the bladder, this little workhorse is sometimes called the the male g-spot.
The prostate is a highlysensitive erogenous zone capable of producing outrageous, stunning orgasms. A prostate massage is simply done by rubbing and pressing on the gland and it can lead to a man blowing a prolific amount of ejaculate.
A partner can stimulate your prostate, or you can enjoy the mind-blowing pleasure all on your own, with the help of a prostate massager. Done with the proper skill and timing it can ratchet up your enjoyment of sex by a factor of ten.
Its worthwhile to note that there is no penetration needed to stimulate your prostate gland - you can enjoy a prostate massage without heading through the back door. But if you really want the full experience, use a prostate massager. Simply pressing on your perineum will provide you a much milder sensation, but it wont come near to the blastoff youre in for if your prostate enjoys a direct-contact massage during sex. To say the orgasm is more intense is selling it short.

How to Enjoy a Prostate Massage
If you want to test the waters via a partner first, they can find the pleasure gland an inch or two inside the anus. Pressure on the gland - and a slow massaging in the direction of your belly button will take care of the deed. It might take a minute or two to get comfortable with the sensation but following a little massaging and perhaps a bit of a hand job youll find the sweet spot.
The beauty of sex toys is that they allow you to experience many of the pleasures of partner play all on your own. In fact, pleasuring yourself can be even more enjoyable when you put your orgasms in your own capable hands. Whoever invented the prostate massage deserves a lifetime of high-fives from happy customers around the world. If you dont have one a prostate massager now, you might consider the Lelo, remote-controlled Hugo model. There are plenty of options to choose from, and youre guaranteed to find a model that sky-rockets you to an over-the-top climax.
What Does a Prostate Massage Feel Like?
While some guys are going to wonder why they never went for the prostate massage long ago, some men might find it not so cool if theyre unfamiliar with the sensation. For them, it might work to try it in smaller stages before they start to really dig it over time. The orgasm you receive is astonishing and very, very different from your usual climax. Of course, this depends largely on the skill of the partner, the instrument used, and the timing of the event, but rest assured that youll love the experience of massaging and stimulating this little powerhouse erogenous zone.

How to Use a Prostate Massager
The classic prostate massager is a sex toy designed specifically to stimulate the prostate gland, and once youve experience the real life finger version its not much of a leap to move on to prostate sex toys.
Massagers with a smaller the surface area might make it a bit harder to find the prostate gland, they do provide a very intense experience. The major decision youre facing is whether or not you want a vibrating prostate massager. Keep in mind that while you can turn the vibrations off if you dont dig them; you cant add vibration later as a feature to a non-vibrating massager. If youre not sure, try a lower priced model and ease your way to something higher-end when you know how much you love the sensation.
One thing is certain, you will want an anal lubricant to help smooth things along and keep the experience pain free. Make sure you use the right type of lube to match your toy, taking note that silicone-based lube can break down your silicone toys, so choose a water-based lube instead. Take it easy, champ, start off slow and steady to keep things right.
You insert the toy and begin the show with a rubbing motion. Then try applying additional pressure until you find the proper effect it has on your body, and lots of guys find that the more pressure they apply to the prostate itself, the closer they come to orgasm.
Some say they can achieve a hands-free orgasm by simply clenching and releasing their muscles as the toy moves within their body. Long, powerful, hands-free orgasms can result and prostate massagers come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to do the deed.
It might also pay to select a beginner-friendly prostate toy one with a gently tapered tip and a smooth shaft a one thats smaller before you move on to something larger. Add to the fun with the use of a stroker, sleeve, or doll or just enjoy the experience of your own hand to enhance the pleasure of your prostate massage.

Caring for Your Toys
Basic care and maintenance goes a long way toward protecting your investment in pleasure. The number one rule for caring for your toys is to clean them, thoroughly, before and after you reach the heights. Thats Every Single Time...
You should use an antibacterial cleaner designed specifically for toys. You can find your sexy toy cleaners here. Since were talking about back door toys, cleanliness is of crucial importance. It also pays to remove the any batteries before doing your cleaning and then air dry your toys or dry them with a lint free cloth.
Consider Storage as Part of Your Toy Care Regimen
Its important for several reasons: One, its just plain fun to know that you have a secret toy box, and two, unless youre prepared to have all your accessories out in a place where anyone might see them, it makes sense to put them in storage. Keeping your pleasure toolkit in the same place is convenient as well.
You should keep in mind the fact that the different materials your toys are made of might react to each other if theyre kept in prolonged contact with each other. That could result in deformities, melting or breaking, and that problem would interrupt your please. It just makes good common sense to store your prostate massagers and other toys in individual storage bags.
It also makes sense to avoid storing any battery powered pleasure devices and dildos without their batteries in place. If you leave the batteries inside, the tools in your pleasure kit might suffer from corrosion, and even as your toys arent in use, batteries can lose their charge little by little and you dont want to miss out on power.
If you treat your toys well you can get years of pleasure from them, and whether your toy of choice is a masturbator sleeve, prostate massager, or cock ring, it makes sense to protect your erotic tools. Dedicated storage also helps you keep your toys free of unwanted bacteria from contaminating your favorite stimulators.
The Sugar Sak Black Large Storage Bagkeeps your toys safe, stops the growth of bacteria, yeast, mildew and viruses and provides lint-free construction. Black on the outside, it sports a fun, leopard-print design on the inside and the inner lining has been coated with Bioshield 75, an EPA approved and patented coating which inhibits the growth of bacteria.
Once your playtime comes to an end, clean your toys thoroughly, let them dry and then slip them into this bacteria-preventing bag. The Sugar Sak, at 7 inches long by 13 wide, is more than up to the task of storing delightful toys up to 11 inches long.
How to Get the Most from Your Sexy Toolbox
Make the most of your time between the sheets (or in the tub, shower, or wherever you decide to play) with a few easy tips.
Make sure you have fresh batteries in all remotes and toys. Dont cheat yourself out of the complete experience if youre using anything that vibrates or is designed to bring you battery-powe...