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Сочинение (анг) – №3

Grandparents say that life used to be more secure than today
Our grandparents used to say that their life was more secure some 40 or maybe even 20 years ago. Of course I believe them. I think that it’s true according to their stories about watching the moon rising and spending the whole night alone near the dark forest and thinking about the ups and downs of their lives without any fear. There could be some strangers but they were people who wanted romance too. Of course today we can go to the park at night but it’s extremely dangerous. If you want to live - find another place to walk at night. And to my mind it's more useful to sleep at night and not to walk.
Speaking about our technological age, it goes without saying that some innovations can be harmful too. For example computers, they damage our eyes, they influence our psychic via the internet. Today parents should be very careful and pay more attention to what their children are do when they sit at the computer desk. Our grandparents didn’t know about TV sets, and computers weren’t even invented. May be it was even an advantage for them, of course they hadn’t such a great access to the information that we have today, but only think how we damage our whole life with this huge amount of information. People became dependent on the computer, and today everybody agree that this kind of dependence is a disease. Sometimes computer games destroy the image of the reality, and young boys and girls can't understand that what is allowed in a game is prohibited in real life. Their psychic can be destroyed forever.
Also today the whole world speaks about genetically modified food. Of course this innovation that appeared in 1990 was developed to help our planet; I mean that the question of over-population is discussed more seriously today. In those years all the scientists tried to invent some agricultural technologies in order to provide people with vegetables, fruits, and etc. every day. Once they found the way to do it. It was the theory of modifying DNA through genetic engineering. But later it turned to be extremely dangerous for the health of the people. Such food leads to the increase of the mass of the body. Today our population is "growing”. Our grandparents saw plump people very rarely, and today almost everybody has excess weight. And the weight that exceeds the norm leads to other illnesses and these illnesses lead to death. So, to some extent we invent the way that leads to the death.
Also the ecology is in danger today. The pollution of the air leads to the depletion of the ozone layer. And ultraviolet rays are penetrating more heavily today. That is why medics advise not to sunbathe. It is harmful for our skin. There are so many cases when sunbathing caused skin cancer. And our grandparents could do it and they liked to do it. Taking into consideration the speed of the pollution in future the sunbathing would be prohibited. But I hope that something will be done.
So, to crown it all I’d like to tell you that our live is rapidly changing every day. I mentioned only 3 reasons why our life is not so secure nowadays, but there are hundreds of such reasons. We can’t stop the process of the development of our life. We all understand that everything is done in order to make our life better. But I think that today we should think about ourselves more properly in order to be able to survive. Our world is cruel, the conditions in which we live are cruel, and everything is dangerous around us. I think that today there is only one way to be more or less secure - to be more careful and don't forget about the health. For example we should think twice when we are going to sunbathe, or going for a walk at night, we also should read the labels on the products. To my mind, today our security depends on us and not on everybody else. We have to be more careful every minute.