Hello dear friend! 
If you're here, you're interested in my services. 
But let's get acquainted first. My name is Anna, I was born in Russia, but now I live in beautiful Italy. 
Since childhood, I was fond of drawing and everything related to design. A little older I was fascinated by new technologies and everything that is inseparable from the computer and the Internet. 
At the age of 16 she graduated from web design and programming courses. At the age of 18 she entered the College at the faculty of web programming. After six months of training I tried to find a job in their specialty, but it turned out that it is almost impossible to do in our city, and even with incomplete education. 
Then I was advised to try to find orders for work on the Internet. More than 6 years have passed since the first order, and on account of more than 200 completed works in different directions. It seems that all my customers are satisfied, which certainly pleases me. 
And as another argument to turn to me: "I earn my living as a freelancer, and since I'm still alive, I do my job well!»