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Дизайн Интерьеров

Age: 29 years.
Reviewed by: Anton G. Onipchenko
Location: Kiev \ Svyatoshinsky area \ st. Romain -Rolland
Phone: 00-38-097-594-38-60
e-mail: perspectivedesign.ua @ gmail.com
Occupation: Interior Designer
My blog: http://antononipchenko.blogspot.com/My website:http://tochkap.wix.com/antoncinc

My CV:http://issuu.com/antononipchenko/docs/2.80mb
Objectives: To achieve maximum positive results andsuccess. Develop and implement objectives, ideas and suggestions raised by the
customer. Seeks to improve and implement the tasks on time.

1) Bachelor of technological art ceramics, silicateand silicate materials of the Kiev Institute of Ukraine.
2) Master of the interior design of the Kiev Instituteof Technology and Design.
1.Position- Interior Designer
Organization- Project organization «Leaders of ExpertsEngineering Consultants»
Region- Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Start and end dates - 2015 – 2017

l Development of interiors in different stylizations covering thehistory of the design space for four 
thousand years.;
l Simulation of several variants of sketches of interior design within strict
l Drafting of detailed reamers the premises with the approved interior design
and furniture parts 
l Drafting the terms of reference for the work of builders, the implementation
of projects of interior 
l Daily work in a team with engineers and architects on projects of individual
housing in excess of 
one thousand square meters;
l Drafting the terms of reference for visualization; 
l Selection of information on the compilation of large-scale presentation of
the project;
l Group performance on large-scale presentations of reconstruction and
construction of private 

2. Position- ISU designer projects.
Organization- Studio Interior Design «Point Project»
Start and end dates - 2014 – 2015
Region- Kiev Region, Ukraine
l Effective management of the organization development team of skilleddesigners of interiors;
l The management and control of the design of the project exceeds one thousand
square meters;
l Development of design - strategy styling Shopping Mall;
l Coordination of the project design team; 
l Control of the budget and evaluation of design services;
l Organization of collective creation creative product; 
l Management of complex projects and the current teams of specialists;
l Assessment of the feasibility and effectiveness of budget documentation of
construction finishing 
work, all the documentation on re-planning as well as its harmonization;
l Performing sketch visualization of interiors of any complexity decorative
l Preparation of technical specifications for the implementation of diverse
sketches, visualization 
l Customer consultation on issues relating to the implementation of interior
l Design of exclusive furniture models, the organization of all types of works
for the production of 
• Making all kinds of drawings for the formation of the design project; 
l The design of public spaces of offices, shops, boutiques, cafes, restaurants,
medical facilities;
• Selection of fabrics for furniture and other textile content in the interior;
• Overall supervision for the work team of builders;

3. Position- Interior Designer
Organization- Interior design studio LOFT
Start and end dates - 2013 – 2014
Region- Kiev Region, Ukraine
• The formation of the interior from the ground up on the technical taskcreated based on the 
customer's wishes.
• Effective analyzed drafting proposals on the registration area on the basis
of the data collected.
• Detailed measurements of living space with modern equipment.
• Drawing up detailed specifications on materials, furniture, decorative items.
• Supervision includes advising the customer on the spot purchases
• Preparation of estimates to items that make up the interior design. 
• Detailed correction documents at any stage of the design project. 
Skills: interior design, space planning, keeping the customer from concept to

4. Position- Designer upholstered furniture
Organization- Furniture Factory ВЕКО
Start and end dates - 2012 –  2013
Region- Kiev Region, Ukraine
• Design model range of upholstered furniture.
• The interior design of retail space in shopping malls Aras Furniture Town,
Four Rooms.
• Elaboration planning of interiors shops.
• Selection of materials, choice of colors, the definition of basic fabrics for
• Determining a decorative component of the space showrooms.
• Supervision of the work performed.
• Visualization sketches of furniture in programs 3DS Max + VRay.
Skills: Interior design, space planning, furniture drawing, working with the

5. Position- Designer kitchenes, sales managerkitchens Italian furniture and lighting
Organization- Design studio kitchen. Naya Design
Start and end dates - 2011 –2012
Region- Kiev Region, Ukraine
• Creating unique interiors of kitchens, depending on the customer'swishes. 
• Analysis of customer requirements, design drawings and charts that reflect
the wishes of the 
customer, the discussion developed design.
• Making measuring drawings.
• Development prospects of the premises on the basis of tonnage.
• Selection of decorative elements and materials, the definition of the color
• Advising the client on issues of interior design.
• Budget planning, preparation of calculating the cost of cuisines, scheduling
the work of 
construction brigades.
• Control of work working.
l Adjustment of the drawings for the formation of the design.
l Sketch elaboration the interior, pencils and three-dimensional design
Skills: interior design, space planning, miscalculation of the cost of
kitchens, keeping the customer from concept to pay.

6. Position- Interior Designer
Organization- Comrade. Kontractstroy
Start and end dates - 2009 –2011
Region- Kiev Region, Ukraine
• Formation of technical specifications, measurements of the room, onthe basis of its preparation of 
commercial proposals for the layout of the room.
• According to the approved project, the selection of building materials, the
formation of budget 
specification of furniture and textiles.
• Selection with the client furniture and small interior items that are have to
fit into the overall 
• Controlling the process of redevelopment, construction of premises.
• Monitoring the work of the builders, the correction of the plans, if
necessary, advice and 
clarification related aspects in the work of construction crews.
Duties: Interior design, space planning, furniture, interior design, working
with the customer, the calculation of the material, leaving the object

7. Position- Jr. Interior Designer
Organization- Comrade. Arhitectural Hoese
Start and end dates - 2008 – 2009
Region- Kiev Region, Ukraine

• Development of drawings at the stage of conceptual design interiordesign done by the architect.
• Modeling of buildings, furniture, interior, solutions of related issues
concerning construction.
• Measurement space, the development of three-dimensional models of space and
future of design in 
specialized software.
• Develop outline project visualization in 3Ds Max. 
• Correcting drawings WP stages. AutoCAD, ArchiCAD.
Skills: Interior design, modeling of buildings, furniture, interior design,
working with the customer.

8. Position- Designer exhibition stands
Organization- International Exhibition Centre
Start and end dates - 2007 – 2008
Region- Kiev Region, Ukraine
• Preparation of design schemes of exhibition stands for thepresentation. 
• Control the installation of the stand. 
• Perform related worck.
Skills: Design the design of exhibition stands, monitoring the installation of
the stand.

Knowledge of PC:
 Confident user:AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, 3DsMax, V-rey, Artlantis, pro100 Windows and standard
package of programs and utilities, (PhotoShop, Z - Brush (post, material).

Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian