2002 – present. Elprime Software Inc. Engineer. Developed free software program Elprime Clock and it shareware analog Elprime Clock Pro.
- 5 years experience with C++;
- 3 years experience with MS Visual C++ 6.0
- 0,5 year experience with MS Visual C++ 7.0
- 3,5 years experience with MFC
- 3 years experience with WinAPI
- 0,5 year experience with MIDL, COM, OLE, ActiveX
- aware of STL and ATL
- learnt Prolog, UML, Java, Unix, .Net, HTML, FoxPro, SQL.
Currently maintain Elprime Clock Pro product and develop two software products – client-server application and component for future sell.
- Window transparency for operation system Windows 98/95.
- Special container in C++ which combine concepts of “smart pointer” containers
and containers for not dynamic objects and variables.
Use Extreme Programming concepts.


1999 – 2004 Uzhhorod Institute of Informatics, Economic and Law
2002, Work : “Program Solution of Linear Differential Equations Using Rica’s Method”
2004, Work : “Program Management of Goniometer Device” ( through LPT port )
Degree : Master of Information management systems and technologies, teacher of informatics.


Foreign languages:
- English (free reading of technical programming documentations including MSDN).
- German (basic).

Use Time Management concepts.