Summary: I am seeking a challenging position in Information system development, business process reengineering, controlling, project management. Understanding of database management systems, design of three-level corporate decisions, programming technology, systems analysis of objects and computering procedures, theory of dynamic games, object-oriented design, the theory of digital data processing, mathematical methods of research of operations.
In University and Academy successfully has mastered the following disciplines: discrete mathematics, numerical methods, probability theory, mathematical models and complex system optimization, applied statistic, theory of control and decision-making, estimation and identification methods, adaptive and intelligent control systems, mathematical models and methods of the decision of tasks with the explosive decisions, mathematical modeling of wave processes, the theory of algorithms and mathematical representation of knowledge, reliability and efficiency analysis, database design, net information technologies, operating and programming systems, assembler and computer architecture, engineering graphics, information security.
Systems analysis of objects and computing procedures, namely:
1. Hardware architecture in electronic industry;
2. Conceptual modeling problem:
2.1 Systems concept of making of computing information system;
2.2 Cascade-based model of software life cycle
2.3 Prototyping by means of spiral model
2.4 Design of corporate information systems
3. Conceptual information models:
3.1 Infological model of knowledge domain and conceptual scheme of database
3.2 Semantic model
3.3 ER model
4. Expertise methods
4.1 Methods of qualitative assessment receipt
4.2 Quantitative estimation methods
4.3 Forecasting grapg and hierarchy of factors
4.4 Rating and selection of CASE-instruments
5. Object-oriented design of systems

Exceptional discipline and responsibility. Ability and the experience of solution of problems under the conditions of the limited service lives and time. Experience in software testing.
Have experience of working in team.

Strong skills: MSSQL 2000, InterBase, FireBird, Oracle 9i, Delphi

Practical scills:
• Research and Development of software
• Testing of software
• Service of hardware
• Delphi, namely operation with
1. Object Pascal Language, Win32API
2. Classes of base library VCL
3. Visual management elements
4. Object-oriented architecture Delphi:
4.1. Architecture of Delphi application
4.2. Creation of components
4.3. Libraries and packages
4.4. Modeling and OOP-programming
5. Creation of the multithreads application
6. MDI application
7. Mechanisms of work with databases
7.1. Client-server architecture dbExpress
7.2. Development of the MIDAS-application, use of components WebBroker
7.3. ADO technology
7.4. Formation of the reports with use Rave
8. Internet-programming
8.1. sockets and Indy
8.2. Use of technologies XML(Programming about use DOM, using XSLT, Processing of the large documents XML);
9. Knowledge and use different components, for example: EhLib, SynEdit etc...

Platforms: MS DOS, MS Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP