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1. Большое спасибо вашей компании. Даже и не думал, что за столь короткие сроки смогут сделать курсовую работу. Одно из самых сложных и важных заданий на моей специальности. Быстро разобрался и сдал без проблем. Чувствую, обращусь еще не раз. Обращайтесь – не пожалеете.
Thank you a lot. I’d never have thought that it’s possible to write my course work in such a short time. That was one of the hardest and most important task during the latest semester on my specialization. I sorted out quickly and passed without any problem. I guess, I’ll ask for your services in future. Recommend to all, you won’t regret for it.  
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It’s always such a pleasure to have a deal with your company. It happens that you’ve got some work and don’t have enough time for studying. That’s why I quite often order some sort of papers, like essays or articles, that always are done with high-quality and fast. And this do really costs its money. If you have problems – just try them.
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