Software Testing Engineer

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A professional with a focus on medicine and psychology.
Experience in functional testing of web sites, web applications
Experience of testing
Experience in creating test documentation (checklists, test cases, errorreports, reports on test results)
Experience with clients
Experience in problem solving
Work experience in a team.


Foreign languages: English, level A2
Test Management Systems: TestRail, Excel.
Bug Tracking Systems: Jira,Excel.
Database Management: MySQL.
OS: Windows, Android, iOS.
Automation Testing Tools: Katalon

04.2018 -06.2018 student, IT academy, Belarus, Minsk The educational center of the High Technologies Park prepares highlyqualified specialists able to work in a dynamically developing industry. The
Center trains specialists in such areas as software development, testing,
design, business analysis.
Project Role: Tester, Testing team leader.
Followingtasks were performed:

  • Functional testing
  • Requirements analysis and testing
  • Creating and executing check-lists, test cases
  • Results gathering and analysis, bug reporting
  • Test results reporting
  • Tasks planning
  • Weekly progress reporting

06.2014 06.2018 - City Clinical Maternity Hospital2, Belarus, Minsk.
Project: The Minsk Medical Institution"City Clinical Maternity Hospital No. 2" provides highly skilled obstetric
and gynecological care for women and newborns in Minsk. The maternity hospital
is a perinatal center of the third level, a premature delivery control center.
Project Role: Nurse.
Followingtasks were performed:
Admission and care of newborn children
Treatment room
Children's intensive care
Ultrasound diagnostics
Work with patients

04.2018 -06.2018, Educational Center of HTP (IT-Academy)
Course:FunctionalSoftware Testing

2011-2014- BelarusianState Medical College
Specialization: Nurse

2014-2018- BelarusianState University
Specialization: sychological rehabilitation

09.2017-02.2018- Dragunkin
Course: English language 2