• knowledge of modern programming techniques
• knowledge of theory of programming (Knuth, Vol. 1,2,3. Aho, Data Structures and Algorithms etc.)
• knowledge of Math (basis and higher mathematics, discrete math)
• knowledge of object-oriented programming techniques
• experience in development low-level code (Assembler)

Programming Languages and Technologies

• Knowledge and experience in Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, WinApi, MFC, C#, ASP.NET.
• Knowledge and experience in Assembler (Intel architecture)
• Knowledge in TCP-IP Networking protocols
• Knowledge in Java (AWT, Collections, Swing, servlets, JSP, JDBC)
• Knowledge and experience in IIS, Apache (configuration, application development, etc.)
• Knowledge in PHP4, PHP5
• Knowledge in MySQL, PostgreSQL.

Common Internet Technologies

• HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, AJAX(Prototype, Scriptaculous)


• Excellent writing English (technical +), good enough spoken English.

Operating Systems

• Windows (Win2k,WinXP, Win9X/ME)
• UNIX (Linux)
Contact Information

Name: Mikhail

Email: ***