Hello, my name is Irina and I'm a frontend / web developer.

Currently i`m based in Eastern Europe, Russia, Krasnoyarsk. I have over 4 years experience in web development. Focused on self-development.

Have a good experience at the following technologies and techniquis of website building: nunjunks, jquery, javascript, programming on canvas, nuxt, sass, webpack, vue, vuetify.

Work environment: usually i`m used an yeoman-generator (generator-man) with webpack, nunjunks, svg-sprite/icon-font (optionally), eslint. For some animations i`m used a gsap. Have experience with such CSS-Frameworks as Vuetify, Bootsrap(3,4) and Bulma.

I am also familiar with Wordpress, 1C-Bitrix and Drupal CMS, so i can implement your designs into functional web using these CMS.

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