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Прощающий текст для ресторана Дхарма Сити

Looking for a peaceful place and delicious organic food near Florennes in Belgium? – Visit Dharma City!

Nowadays we all are searching for a place where we can rest and feel comfortable. We are searching for good organic food without any chemical inside. At least we understand that we should be careful with our physical body, and slowly we see that it is connected with our mental state as well.

As shown by the research of the Rockefeller University, chronic stress influences the brain. In particular it increases the depression state, so the mind becomes less able to adapt to new experiences. Moreover it can lead us to high blood pressure and heart diseases. It can dampen the immune system so that we easily catch a cold or other infections. Because of stress we may get troubles with digestions, asthma and even cancer.
To relieve the stress we often start to eat sweets, chips, fast food and so on that only makes us more unhealthy. The situation becomes worse if we are not using good food from organic shops.

Non organic food

Generally most of the commercially grown food we eat now has been grown with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, drugs and hormones. This kind of food could be the cause of many diseases including birth defects, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), diabetes, cancer and so on.
Professor Carlo Leifert at Newcastle University says that the range of antioxidants in organic food is “substantially higher” – between 19% and 69%. It`s equivalent to "one to two of the five portions of fruits and vegetables recommended to be consumed daily and would therefore be significant and meaningful in terms of human nutrition, if information linking these [compounds] to the health benefits associated with increased fruit, vegetable and whole grain consumption is confirmed".

Where to find peace, good food and stress relief?

From the reviews:
  • “Very nice place to stay, and a beautiful card with various teas etc... me and my friend will come back”,
  • “Very nice place, Zen and quiet. Great choice of excellent teas. Pasta and cakes are delicious”.
  • “A friendly, warm and quiet space. Where to get rid of stress, work or meditate safely. Interesting and rewarding encounters. Thank you!”

Tibetan menu and interior
When you open the door of the Tibetan Conventional Tea House in Dharma city you immerse into the atmosphere of Tibetan culture: Tibetan carpets, music, tea pots, Buddhist ornaments and statues… In the menu you can find such traditional Tibetan dishes as momos, kyabze, tsampa, and, of course, The Tibetan tea with butter, salt and milk. So you immediately feel quite a big contrast with the outside and it makes you happy, peaceful and calm.

New extraordinary bio menu

If you are searching for delicious vegetarian healthy food you can look into the new menu:
  • Falafels
  • Burgers (from quinoa, beet with nut and sauces)
  • Grilled vegetables
  • Salad with avocado, grapefruit, endive, etc.
  • Bruschetta (roasted bread with pesto rosso, avocado and grilled vegetables)
  • Handmade Italian raviolo and capelletti
  • Handmade tagliatelley, classic or with spinach
  • 3 types of Tibetan momo
  • 2 types of handmade pesto
  • Original cakes (such as lemon cake, walnut and coconut pie, and so on)

You can find here gluten free food as well. All the food here is organic, healthy and amazingly delicious. The prices are affordable, and after such nice meal you can choose tea or coffee, cold drinks, or fresh homemade drinks from a long list of choices. It is possible to order online: https://www.facebook.com/TibetanConventionTeaHouse/

There are also concerts, special events such as evening with candles that makes this place really attractive for different people.

Dharma City Bed and Breakfast Hotel – Book on booking. com

 From the comments:
  • “This place is perfect, very comfortable, calm and relaxing. You can enjoy a tasty tea cup”.
  • “The beds are excellent and it’s very quiet…The Tearoom/ Restaurantis very nice with a warm atmosphere. Breakfast with fresh orange juice”.
  • “There was peacefulness and quietness in the facility. Very relaxing and calming”.

If you are travelling in Belgium near Namur, Charleroi, Philippeville, etc. and searching for a good place to rest – Dharma City welcomes you! Starting from 55 euro you can spend a night here and have breakfast. The rooms with double and single beds are perfectly clean and look cozy, the staff is kind and friendly, and the atmosphere is amazingly quiet.
Among the facilities there is WiFi, garden views, and rooms with private bathrooms. The breakfast is gorgeous and there are options for special diets.

Temple, meditation and introduction to Buddhism
The place is special because of its authentic Buddhist temple with a great statue of the Buddhist master – Guru Rinpoche who is considered as Buddha. In the temple there are many other representations, special Tibetan musical instruments, decorations and ornaments. Inside the temple you can rest from your daily activity. There are weekly meditations courses in French with qualified masters from Tibet and Introduction to Buddhism and Qi Gong trainings.

Business room
There is also a nice business room for rent where you can organize courses, events, meetings or parties.

We looking forward to welcoming you in Dharma City! Enjoy The Tibetan Convention Tea House and Rooms!
The Tibetan Convention Tea House:https://www.facebook.com/TibetanConventionTeaHouse/
(Dharma City, rue de Mettet 300, Florennes.
 Call 0494 79 47 87)

Dharma City Rooms with Breakfast: