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ICQ: 26249177

16+ years programming experience. The primary programming languages - C/C++ and C#. Also,
very good knowledge of computer languages SQL and Assembler.

Over 5 years of experience in client-server applications developing (based on SQL-Server) and 1.5 year
experience in Perl programming (perl5 if exactly). Has a good programming experience in VBScript also.

More than 1 year experience in .NET platform and C# language.

I've very solid knowledge in core algorithms, custom memory managers, network programming, etc.
Has a deep knowledge of Win32 Kernel and GDI, familiar with DirectX programming, COM technologies.
Also have solid experience in Linux programming (system level and POSIX level).
One year experience in embedded programming (ucLinux and WinCE) for Sigma Design EM8620 chip (IP-TV Set-Top-Box).

Working on DVB MPEG2-TS demuxer for IP-TV, implements portable multiplatform (Windows, WinCE, Desktop Linux and ucLinux) version of application used as a shell on STB.

2 years experience in game programming with game consoles (Playstation 2 and PSP).

During some freelance work I has develop HIGHLY optimized version of JPEG decoder for one of USA company.
Some part of this decoder also has developed in inline assembler and use MMX/SSE instructions.

For the same company I'm developed set of classes for decode and show animated GIFs.
Also, I've implement some version of network sniffers, and file upload utility for PSP hardware.

I'm fluent in English language.
Has a many certificates from Brainbench.com
(C, C++, Visual C++, OOP and so on).

Platforms: Intel x86 (+MMX/SSE extension), Playstation 2/PSP MIPS R1XXX (+PSP VFPU extension)
OS: Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP, WinCE, Redhat Linux, ucLinux, MS-DOS
Programming Language: C/C++, C#, T-SQL, Assembler, VBScript, Perl, HTML,

Java, Pascal
Technology: .NET, WinAPI, MFC, ATL/STL, DirectX, 2/3-tier Client-Server arch.,

Embedded WinCE/Linux, POSIX, ODBC, COM/DCOM, Sockets, CGI, FastCGI
DB: MS-SQL 7.0, 2000, Firefox, Access, FoxPro
Dev. Tools: Visual Studio 6.0/.NET 2003/2005, SN Systems ProDG, GCC 3.XX/4.XX,

CodeWarrior for Linux, KDeveloper, Numega DevPartners, Intel VTune
Other: VMWare Workstation, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop

Mar 2006 - Dec 2007 Axis Entertainment
Seoul, Korea
Programmer, R&D Department

In small team, work on multiplatform racing game (Playstation 2, Portable Playstation and PC). Also works on few other game demos during this period (for the MMO project).

Developing core parts of game engine (custom memory allocator, built-in profiler/debugger, some parts of physics).

Supports and extends in-game SSL-script language (Java-like) and it's virtual machine, create optimizer for the byte-code.

Write optimized versions of math-library for PSP by using VPU.

Seriously redesign particles subsystem to be more stable, more faster and reduced amount of memory.

Write basic version of Network Library for PSP version.

dded supporting of SSL Debugger/Uploader for PSP version.

Write some game logic for racing game and all game logic for MMO demo.

Does optimization for result game code to reduce memory usage and improve performance to reach stable 30 FPS.

Sep 2004 - Aug 2005 Value Electronics
Seoul, Korea
Research Engineer

Development software for embedded platforms (IP-TV Set-Top-Boxes and Hotel's VOD system).
Was busy in development of a few projects.

Parser/Demuxer for DVB-T MPEG2-TS streams and applications for testing Conditional Access System (CAS).
Target platforms: Windows (testing and development version) and WinCE 4.0 (real product).

VOD Player for QPlus Linux Distributive (customer - ETRI).
I was implementating skinable GUI for this player (based on XML schemes). In this project was widely used SDL Library.

Hotel VOD System Set-Top-Box.
I'm working on software part for this Set-Top-Box - Electronic Programming Guide (EPG).
Our software supports 2 kind of Set-Top-Boxes:
1st - based on VIA C3 platform. This STB works on WinCE 4.
2nd - based on Sigma Design Chip (EM8620) and ARM4 CPU.

This STB works on ucLinux.
Due to this requirements, our software was implemented as a portable multiplatform product. Its supports Win2X/XP platforms, WinCE 4.0, Desktop Linux and ucLinux.

Also, i was implement EPG parser - server-side utility to convert XML-based pages to binary EPG pages. This parser also works on Windows and Linux.

2003-2004 Firm "Spark"
Ashkhabat, Turkmenistan

Development (in small team) of in-house software programs.
Support current set of network infrastructure.

1994-2003 Firm "Topar" (former Soft Ltd)
Ashkhabat, Turkmenistan

Development of various commercial products for customers. Was busy in development of a few products.

2003..1997 - developing set of client-server applications for various local customers. Most important project -
application for Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It has client-server (multi-server) architecture.

1997..1994 - developing of multimedia products. During this period I've developed a complex of software,
allowing to create and view interactive multimedia-books. This software support images, video, sounds and text
(was developed text rendering engine that has same capabilities as Adobe Page Maker 5.0, I've used
this product as a example). This complex developed for a Win32-platform, by using
MS Visual C++ 4.0 and MFC.

1992-1994 The Association of Blind and Deaf Persons of Turkmenistan. The State Enterprise.
Ashgabat, Turkmenistan


Maintenance of in-house computers, data entry (input various documents and data to computer),
developing of in-house programs for accounts department.

For help to stuff of Department I've developed application "Accounting of Material Assets" with using of
the developing system Borland Turbo Pascal 7.0.

Also, I've developed the driver of supporting of the national alphabet (Russian and Turkmen) for the video-adapter, keyboard and printer that was work under MS-DOS.
This driver was completely developed in assembler (TASM).

Freelance Projects

During last 6 years, periodically I'm taking freelance projects. Thats projects includes various branches:
VXD development, deep optimization in assembler of existing JPEG encoder/decoder,
rendering of animated GIFs, porting windows-applications to unix, various WEB-services,
writting network profilers, utility to capture selected part of desktop.

Major projects:

Optimization of JPEG encoder/decoder for commerial product iO Intermedia Organizer
(optimization in C++ and re-implement important parts in assembler with MMX/SSE/SSE2 extensions).

Porting of large (over 50.000 lines) server side service for (iO Intermedia Organizer Server) from Windows to Unix
and then futher development of new features of iO Intermedia Organizer Server in both platforms (Windows and Unix).

1992-1996 Turkmen Polytechnical Institute, Faculty of Technical Cybernetics
Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

I've received the diploma with a honor by speciality "System Engineer". As a degree work - I've developed
Computer-Aided System "Rectory" for Windows platform. For this was used MS Visual C++ 1.52 (16-bit version)
and MS Visual C++ 4.0 (32-bit version).

Earlier, during student's practice, I has developed another Computer-Aided System "Planning and Account
of an Educational Load" for the Institute, that worked under MS-DOS environment. This program was
developed on Borland Turbo Pascal 6.0.

Personal 33 years old, married, two childs.