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The Wax Heater

The Vertebeauty Wax Heater

        This product is indispensable in using wax hard and soft cans with 14 oz (400g) wax tins and sugar paste tins. The heater WN-100 does not require special skills. It is simple and safe to use. On the outside the heater is molded in a highly resistant thermoplastic APS plastic, and aluminum is used for high-quality internal construction.

        This heater is thermoregulated. For ease of use, it is equipped with a LED indicator and an easily readable temperature regulator, as well as a switch.

        For longer operation, clean the heater regularly. The most optimal would be using Citrus Cleaner waxes for heavy wax residues.

While using Wax Heater follow THREE MAIN RULES:

1. DO NOT store the device in the place where it can fall or be pulled in to a tub or sink.
2. DO NOT place the wax heater into water or any liquid. Keep in the dry area.
3. If the wax heater fall into water, unplug it immediately.


■ Remove the heater lid and place the wax tin directly into the heating chamber. If you use the aluminium pot, pour hard wax beads into the aluminium pot then insert it into the heater.
■ Plug in the appliance. After you turn the temperature knob on the right  the indicator light will be switched on.
■ The indicator light will be illuminating during operation until the required temperature is reached and then the thermostat will authomatically switch the heater on and off to maintain the chosen settings. Please, wait 10-30 min, depending of the ambient temperature until the wax is ready to use.
■ To allow the wax reach a suitable temperature and to avoid loss of profitable working time, it is recommended to plug in the heater approximately one half hour before services begin.
■ Caution: locking lid tightly may lead to the damage. If lid adheres to melting pot, pre-heat the warmer prior to lid removal to prevent lid from cracking.
■ To increase temperature move the regulator control clockwise, to reduce temperature, turn regulator control counter-clock-wise. To melt the wax turn the control knob to its highest setting and wait 15 minutes then turn down to the ideal working temperature.
■ Turn off the power and cover the heater with the lid when you not in use.
■ Caution: covering the unit with the lid when the wax is hot and then removing  the lid when the unit is cold may damage the lid. Please take the lid off when the unit and the wax are warm to prevent lid from cracking.


The wax is not pulling up all the hair
• You don't press strongly enough with spatula. Try reapplying with a bit harder pressure to remove more hair.
• The wax was too cool when it was applied. The wax may need to be reheated. If the hairs are very short, you should be waxing in the direction opposite hair growth. When re-waxing the same area, don’t forget to reapply the oil.
The wax is not sticking to my skin
• There’s too much waxing oil on the depilation zone . Moisten or massage the skin to make it only slightly shiny but not greasy.
• The skin was still damp when the oil was applied. Make sure that skin is dry before applying the pre wax treatment.
The wax is cracking or coming apart when I try to peel it off.
• Too thin layer of wax was applied. Apply another layer on the skin, wait until the lower layer becomes sticky and remove both layers.

WARNING! To reduce risk of the burns, electrocution, fire or injury:

1) Never operate device if: it has a damage cord or plug, if it is not working properly, if it has been dropped or damaged in any way, dropped into water.
2) Close supervision is important when the wax heater is used by, on, or near children.
3) Keep the cord away from heated surfaces.
4) DO NOT immerse the wax heater into water or other liquids.
5) Always use wax heater on a level surface.
6) Unplug the device when you're not using it. Allow it to cool before handling, cleaning or storing the warmer.
7) Do not wrap the cord around the wax heater while using it.
8) Attachments that are not recommended by the manufacturer may lead to hazards.
  • Test temperature of the water before putting hand into the device.
  • Use this wax heater only for its intended use as described in the instruction booklet.

How to use the wax?

1. Clean the depilation zone and keep skin dry. Then pay attention to the direction of hair growth.
2. Test wax on you inner wrist to find out comfortable working temperature before waxing.
3. Apply a thin layer of wax to the depilation area in the direction of hair growth and allow the wax to cool for a few seconds.
4. Clean the skin of wax using a spatula.
5. Apply some cream on the depilation zone to eliminate any possible redness or irritation after waxing.

Easy way to clean the waxing pot : put any napkin into waxing pot and clean it with the spatula. BUT: It must be done in the working state of the heater and keeping the wax in the melting