My name is Volodymyr Bedzvin.

Music accompanied my life path since the early childhood, as I was born into a family of professional musicians. My parents, being members of Lugansk Symphonic Orchestra (Ukraine) and music teachers in a local music College, ensured a comprehensive development of my music abilities. I started as a violin student at the age of five and a few years later was recommended to a cello class. I remember being immediately delighted by the magnificent sound of this instrument. I practiced a lot and participated in the Annual Musical Competition of Lugansk Oblast’, where I won first prize for three years in a row.

In 2001 I entered the Kharkiv Secondary Special Music Boarding School, where I continued studying cello and music theory. Boarding school allowed me to concentrate solely on music and it was here that I came to the realization that I wanted music to be part of my life. To develop my cello technique and gain ensemble playing experience I gave more than 40 performances during 2004-2007, as a member of string quartets and other professional ensembles, participated in Regional and All-Ukrainian Musical Competitions. In 2007 I graduated from the Special Music Boarding School. By this time music had become a real passion and I wanted to challenge myself both as a performer and composer. With this goal in mind, I decided to apply to the Lviv National Academy of Music, which has the reputation of European traditions of musical education. It was not easy to withstand the competition, but I passed all entrance examinations and gained acceptance.

However, I soon realized that my interest was wider than classical music, and the classical course and teaching philosophy of the Academy was not fulfilling my growing interest in contemporary music. In addition to my studies at the Academy, I began playing with professional musicians and bands (Ludy Dobri, Tatosh Banda, Mosaic) playing world music, Ukrainian folk and pop rock. With these groups, I participated in concert tours throughout Ukraine, festivals in Ukraine, Poland фand Canada (“Karpaty Offer”, “Mikolajki Folkowe”, “Art Pole”, “Sheshory”, “Toronto Ukrainian Festival”). During 2010-2011 I helped the Ludy Dobri, Tatosh Banda and Mosaic to record studio albums as a session musician and participated in the famous TV show – Ukraine’s Got Talent. Through these extracurricular activities, I gained valuable stage experience along with the inspiration to continue my activities as a cello performer and composer. I began to see myself as a contemporary musician, who meets the demands of today’s music world and contributes to modern art.