Hello! My name is Bohdan and I am freelance web developer specializing in small to medium sized business websites using the most current technologies to provide the best user experience while satisfying customer needs. Currently I have experience working with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Sass, Bootstrap.
I am studying JavaScript and Vuejs and have some basic skills of it.

My Tools:
- Sublime Text 3
- Atom
- Brackets
- Visual studio code
- Slack
- Telegram
- Messenger
- Adobe Photoshop
- Sketch

I posses a high speed internet connection that allow easy communication with clients I'm flexible with my working hours and am happy to work closely with any existing freelancers you work with.

My experiences range from building responsive mobile sites that work well cross-browser to building flexible sites for the financial services industry. I like working on projects with a team that cares about creating beautiful and usable interfaces. I am a fast learner who enjoys challenges and thrives in a fast paced, goal oriented environment.

Thank you for visiting my profile. I look forward to hearing from you!