Front-end, full-stack developer

Front end Frameworks/Libraries: React (16+), Redux (thunk, saga), NextJS, React-Native, TypeScript.
Back end Framework/Libraries: NodeJS, Koa, Express.

Low-level development: JavaScript (ES6+), HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, LESS, Adaptive and responsive web design.


NoSQL: MongoDB.

Build tools: Webpack, Gulp.

VCS: Git.
Another tools: Contentful, Telegram api.

Significant projects:


[LEDGER] Market is a platform for curated NFT drops that enables artists and brands to create, distribute, and store NFTs with ease and world-class security. Responsibilities: Active development from zero, code review of teammates, integrate with CMS (Contentful), Create content on CMS (Contentful), refactor.
Role: Front-end developer
Skills: NextJS, Typescript, Storybook.


CRM system for the financial market - the possibility of optimizing and accelerating decision- making processes. Responsibilities: Active full stack development from zero, integrate with CMS, development telegram bots.
Role: Full stack developer
Skills: React, Redux, Material UI, NodeJS, Koa, Sequalize, MySQL, SASS, Git


An online bookstore is an online application in which a customer can purchase books online. The product includes the ability to view detailed information about each publication, add products to the basket, favorites, sort goods by categories and favorites, search.
Role: Full stack developer
Skills: React, Redux, Material UI, Formik, NodeJS, Nest, Sequalize, MySQL, CSS, SASS, Git.


The project for the educational domain. Teachers and students can set up their meetings. The key features of the project (like CRUD) is the ability to add, delete, edit, move events from one date to another, display three dates, if there are more dates. It is possible to select the date and edit it.
Role: Frontend Developer
Skills: React.js + Redux, CSS3, Sass, GIT.

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