Alexander Kotelev

Personal Data:

Date of Birth: 08/03/1983
Marital Status: single
Years of Work Experience: 3

2000-2005 Belorussian State University of Informatics and
Radioelectronics, Minsk; Faculty of Computer Systems and
Major: Computer Machines, Systems and Networks
Qualification: system engineer

Work Experience: (starting with the latest project):

Project 1:
Client: Sam-solutions.Co, Belarus
Duration: 10.2004 - now
Project Description: Centralized P2P network
Client/server connection, core engine.
File transfering protocol, downloading management.
GUI improvemnt.
Programming language: Java
Technology: JXTA

Project 2:
Duration: 10.2004 - 03.2005
Project Description: Solaris driver for Intel 82559 on SPARC platform
Driver for network card Intel on chipset 8255x.
Programming languages: C

Project 3:
Client: IQ Media.LLC, New-York, USA
Duration: 09.2003-now
Project Description: Home entertainment system based on Linux.
Barebone device ( mini-ATX form factor) capable to play/record DVD,mp3,DivX,TV
shows,download photos/video from digital cameras/camcoders.
Audio CD, DVD, MIDI players, management of audio cd tracks, DVD title and
chapters, languages.
Progress Bar, Scroll Text, Font GUI componets.
Network configuration module.
Identify Audio CD.
Programming language: С/C++
Technology: SDL

Project 4:
Client: Sam-solutions.Co Minsk, Belarus
Duration: 10.2002 6.2003
Project Description: Linux server configurator with web and Tcl/Tk frontends
for internet security appliances.
Written DNS/NTP/FTP configuration modules.
User and group management.
GUI improvement.
Programming languages: Ruby, Tk/Tcl

Project 5:
Client: IQ Media.LLC, New-York, USA
Duration: 09.2002-10-2002
Project Description: dotProject (web-based management framework) report system.
Including daily report, reports management, e-mail notification.
Programming languages: PHP, JavaScript

Project 6:
Search system on Windows network resources.
Multithreaded application to search films, music and etc. resource in Windows
Web interface, GTK interface.
Programming language: C

Professional Skills

Language: Belorussian(native), Russian (fluent), English(good)

- programming anf system administration of Unix: Linux(Debian, SuSE
Red Hat, ALT, Slackware), FreeBSD, NetBSD (4 years)
- software packaging for ALT, SuSE Linux (1 year)
- Web development (2 year)
- programming and screwdriver assembly of Intel IA-32 hardware (4 years)
- programming of Solaris, driver development (1 year)
- little experience of programming assembler/C/C++
Motorola TMS320C54x DSP Series (1 year)
- little experience of programming for Windows, basic user level
knowledge of MacOS

- advanced administration of Apache with SSL, Bind, Squid (4 years)
- administration experience including knowledge of Linux
2.2/2.4/2.6 firewalls, Postfix, Exim, ProFTPD, SSH (4 years)
- DNS domain administration experience (3 years)
- TCP/IP programming experience
- P2P networks programming experience
- JXTA technology of P2P networks

- MySQL administration (2 years)
- programming SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL) (2 years)
- experience in using SQL databases in web development(2 years)

Programming languages:
- advanced C, C++, Java, Intel x86 assembler (2-5 years)
- experience in Ruby, PHP, Perl, sed/awk, GNU Make, HTML, Javascript (1-3 years)
- developed small appication using Tcl/Tk, Java/Servlets/JSP/Struts (1-2 years)
- some experience in SQL, MFC (1-3 years)
- theoretical knowlenge of XML, VHDL
- experience in SDL, GTK, QT programming (1-3 years)

- experience in CVS (4 years)
- Solaris network subsystem (STREAMS) (1 year)

General & Personal Strengths:
High efficiency in working process.
Fast learning of new technologies and programming languages;
Good knowledge of Linux operating system.