• Professional videographer, Video editor

  • RAMIN MEHDI- video production and Video editing.
    I'm Ramin Mehdi. I was born April 20, 1982 in the city of Ganja Azerbaijan. Since 2001 I work for TV. I work on public TV of Azerbaijan. I filmed many programs and documentaries. I do video editing and edit them.
     My experience of video shooting and video editing is great. I work on the programs Adobe Premyer Pro CC and Adobe AE. 

  • My work is video production and video editing. basically I edit commercials, wedding video, I edit video for YouTube, I create a photo paralax.
  •  I will do your  job quickly and efficiently.
  •   Education: Ukraine, Kiev-MAUP
    Manager. Personnel Management
    Еxperience: I work on the TV
    My work experience is 17years