Dmitry Bobeyko

Birth Day: 1-Jan-1977
Residence: Ukraine, Kharkov
Phone: +380662506813


C/C++ - 5 years
Delphi/Pascal - 3 years
PHP - 2 years

OOP/OOD, Design patterns, COM/DCOM, Custom GUI development, Client/Server architecture, Sockets programming, Web scripting

ATL/WTL, STL, MFC, Loki, Boost, VCL


Now I am acting as a freelance developer. My recent projects were related to game industry. I took part in development of VIP Club Poker and Cards Club Poker applications - online poker game software built in client/server architecture. Personally developed client side, distributed among several separate modules for better updating. Library of custom and ownerdraw controls, graphics processing classes were made to satisfy the needs of application. Developed using MSVC 2005, ATL.

2002-2005 Softerra LLC
Software Developer
As member of Softerra LDAP Administrator 3 team I was involved in development of directory management software based on COM technology for Win32 platform. My main responsibilities included system design and coding of project. This is explorer-like software for browsing, analyzing, editing and administering LDAP directories, highly extensible and customizable through various kinds of plug-ins. Developed using MSVC 7/8, ATL, MFC, some third-party libraries.

2001-2001 ISM (Netherlands)
Web Developer
I filled a position of web developer in a company situated in Rotterdam that specialized on development of e-commerce, b2b web solutions. I was involved in development of SANA Backoffice web application. It designed for customizing and managing web-sites built on SANA platform. Developed using ASP, XML, XSLT, MSSQL.

1999-2001 Softerra LLC
Software Developer
I filled a position of a software developer in a company that specialized on a custom software development. Since October 1999 I was involved in about 10 various projects. Most of them were web related. In some of those projects I acted as a team leader or project manager.
I took part in a development of a mail engine for free web mail server with another 2 programmers. It was developed using PHP4 and QMAIL server. User authentication was organized through LDAP and the main database was MySQL. The web MUA communicates with the server through IMAP protocol. Also was written several patches on C to QMAIL and PHP. Some auxiliary scripts were written on Perl. Development time: 1.5 month.
I was a lead programmer on a project to develop service portal for travel-related offerings. The Private Label portal consists of many micro sites of travel-related vendors that share a big set of booking and reservation services. Those services organized as embeddable components. Also site includes an electronic haggling engine. Developed using CFML 4.5, MSSQL 7.0. Development time 2 months.
I developed a warehouse control program with another 2 programmers. It was a long-term project for automation of process of production on oil-valve factory. Developed using MSVC 6.0, Borland C++ 5.0, Oracle 8I, OCI. I participated in development about 6 month.

1998-1999 Consortium “Westron”
I worked in software department of a consortium that develops and installs security systems for the NPP. The function of my subsection was a software development of the digital data links between SPDS (Security Parameters Display System) and outer systems.

1997-1998 Intercomplect Ltd.
As a forwarding agent I was engaged in purchasing and transportation of computer’s componentry. As a service technician I accomplished assemblage, testing and jobbing of IBM compatible PCs. My responsibilities also included basic software installation and tuning of operating system.


1993 - 1998
Kharkov State Technical University of Radio Electronics
M.S., Applied Mathematics Engineer

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