Vadym Aksonov

Programming languages:
Java/J2EE - 8 years
OOA/OOP - 11 years

Oracle - 6 years
PostgreSql, Mysql - 7 years
PLSQL - 5 years

Kiev Polytechnic Institute (KPI) Kyiv, Ukraine
Master 1991 – 1997
Information science and computer engineering

EPAM ( B2BITS CORP) Kyiv, Ukraine
Architect, Team leader 04.2006 – Present
Develop architecture for real-time trade system (MOM based)
Developed LME Options volatility management system
Developed LME market data gateway
Developed transport adapter for FOXi market protocol
Developed extensions for FIX protocol certification portal
Designed and developed a server cluster of a trade platform for COESfx (forex)
Designed and developed of Internet virtual money system NetCash

CIKLUM Kyiv, Ukraine
Senior Software developer 09.2005 – 03.2006
Programming supported and improved a Business Intelligence system (InfoSuite) for ExcelData.

ARAYOZ Kyiv, Ukraine
Leader Software developer 03.2004 – 08.2005
Developed modules for group collaboration web portal such as video conference, calendar, syncML, AJAX-Comet
Developed extensions for a call-center CRM system
Developed a voice-menu automatic answer machine which is based on Asterisk PBX

MIRATECH (CMM LEVEL 3) Kyiv, Ukraine
Leader Software developer 06.2002 – 01.2004
Designed and developed Information internet portal
Designed and developed an automation test framework for AIL communication library, Genesys
Developed extensions for a web shop
Developed Yahoo stories for Y!StoreDesign Studio
Developed a web site for driving school site
Developed modules for the Miratech company site
Developed modules for a technology foresight project