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Небольшая заметка про лингвокультурологию на англ.

Linguoculturology and linguistics
Nowadays a lot of studies devoted to linguoculturological problems appear in modern linquistics. I personally believe that the interaction of language and culture should be considered as one of the issues of current interest. Despite the fact that linguoculturology is comparatively a new field of investigation and among scientists, there is no consensus on the status of linguoculturology (an independent discipline or branch of linguistics), nor about the subject and methods of linguocultural research, the linguistics of the XXI century seems to pay a lot of attention towards it.
 First of all, in our modern society where the borders between different languages tend to disappear because of globalization, we definitely should study the correlation of cultural and historical aspects of language and its word-stock. Secondly, such studies help to better understand the national picture of the world and linguistic consciousness of the native speakers and may give an answer to the question “why do they say it?”.  Moreover, linguoculturology represent linguistic cultural values so it considers language not only a set of words and grammatical rules, but also a great source of other knowledge.