Project Manager

I am in search of work of the project manager I will consider various options. Have experience with the team and projects of varying complexity.

- work with project team members and project manager to define project scope, resource requirements, timeline, deliverables and milestones
- manage projects through all phases of the software development life cycle
- requirements elicitation and documentation
- end-to-end responsibility for project delivery
- organization of successful coordinated work
- development of TK,
- working with software development methodologies Waterfall, Agile, Spiral
- good knowledge of app development lifecycle
- coordination of work at the teams 2-30 people
- development of skills of the team
- setting up of technical equipment
- conducting of demo for customers
- setting up prosesses at the projects
- recruitment for the project, interviewing
- control of the budget and working hours of the project
- work with theJIRA Project Administration
- maintaining large projects lasting more than one year.
- experience in working with projects of different size.
- experience in project related risks managemen.
- preparing reports to report on project progress, problems and solutions.