Vladimir V. Gilevich
E-mail: ***
Resume reference: http://www.gilevich.com/resume/
Portfolio reference: http://www.gilevich.com/portfolio/


Birth date: 05/13/1979
IT Overall experience (years): 11
Field of science: Engineering
Education level: Master degree
Possibility to job trip: yes
Family State: Married
Children: yes
Sex: Male

1996 - 2001
University: Odessa state polytechnic
Faculty: Automation's and computing machinery
Qualification: Computer intellectual systems and networks
Degree: Master

2006 - present time, distance work, programmer / facebook developer
2006: BHI, distance work, programmer
2004 - 2006: STONEDIVER, distance work, programmer
2002 - 2004: UMService, Ukraine/Odessa, programmer
2002: NetCom, Ukraine/Odessa, programmer/Project leader
2000 - 2002: Laboratory "Expert" OSPU, Ukraine/Odessa, programmer

Environment: Linux, Windows
Programming languages: PHP, Facebook FBML/FBJS, HTML, JavaScript, C/C++, Visual C++, SQL, PL/SQL,
also Assembler, Pascal, Prolog, Basic, C++ Builder/Delphi, perl
Compilers: gcc, nmake(Visual C++)
Databases: MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, Interbase
Editors: Emacs, UltraEdit, Visual Studio, KDE Developer
CMS: Xoops, WordPress
Frameworks: Zend Framework, CodeIgniter
Web-Technology: DHTML, Smarty, AJAX, Facebook: FBML / FBJS / Graph API / Social plugins / JavaScript SDK
Tools: CVS, MS Visio
Administering: Install and adjustment Linux, Windows.
Office, mail, development, network and multimedia program.

Participated in designing and creation systems of automation works with
databases, systems of the account of trading-warehouse operations by
means of the web-interface.Was engaged in development of objective model
of a site. Carried out support and updating of system of electronic
payments (Linkpoint) and as own system of electronic payments
(analogue webmoney, paypal, etc.) is developed. Has created the program
module for news of the company to its clients. Has developed system
adjustment DNS by means of the web-interface.
Also was developed control center for "Proxy Scanner" utilities.
The site of electronic payments was created.

More in detail about the developed projects is possible to see under the
reference: http://www.gilevich.com/portfolio/

More about myself:
Personal qualities: Hardworking, responsible, sympathetic and benevolent.
Know languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian.

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