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Top 7 Most Popular Cars for Women


Preview: Women and men want different things out of a car. Check the list of cars with the highest percentage of female buyers and find out what kind of vehicles are more often bought by women than by men!
Top 7 Most Popular Cars for Women

Women rarely care for purchasing high-performance cars - they typically opt for affordable and practical options. The average price tag for cars bought by women is three times less than that for cars bought by men. Hardly a surprise, taking into consideration that an average women spends $200,000 per lifetime on beauty products (according to a survey carried out by SkinStore).
Here’s the list of cars with the highest proportion of consumer inquires coming from women (according to a research made by iSeeCars).
7. Jeep Patriot
The Patriot is a reasonable option for those for whom price is the main factor. The 2017 version has been praised for the multiple trim levels, freedom drive II's off-road capability, and optional flip-down tailgate speakers.
6. Kia Sorento
Some of the benefits of the Sorento are the comfortable seating, improved steering with easy straight-ahead tracking, impressive safety, and towing capability.
5. Ford Fiesta
The affordability of Ford Fiesta is arguably the number one reason why so many people consider buying this model. However, it is not its only advantage. Fuel efficiency paired with a comparatively powerful engine and sporty handling makes it a smart buy.
4. Kia Forte
Kia Forte has a lot to offer in addition to the rather affordable MSRP of just $16,490. Although the Kia badge is not one of the luxurious car symbols, the model has several advantages. It is loaded with standard features, offers decent fuel economy, impressive safety, and tech-savvy features.
3. Volkswagen Beetle
In spite of its compact size, the car provides generous space for taller individuals. It is well-known for its fuel efficiency, safety, and reliability. Many customers appreciate the Beetle’s customizing abilities and sporty features.
2. Nissan Versa
The model has topped quite a few lists of the cheapest cars sold in the US for several years. Some of its advantages include comfortable front seats, generous trunk space, a lot of room for back-seat passengers, smooth transmission, and easy-to-use controls.
1. Hyundai Tucson
The crossover with about 170 horsepower is often praised for the comfortable driving experience. The 7-speed automatic transmission offers timely and effortless shifts. It has an attractive looks both inside and out and boasts high-tech safety features.