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Есе англійською мовою. – №19

Social media has captured the world since its development on the internet. It has loads of advantages and disadvantages. If people use it right, it eases and improves their lives, but abusing it has reversing consequences.
Social media eases students or schoolchildren to study and gather information, communicate with each other over distance and meet new friends. It is an effective place to share information, show people the issue or success, ask for help in an uncontrollable situation, or to make an advertisement.

People who do not have much free time use these apps to develop friendships, as they do not require much time, and the user does not need to check it every time. The communicator reads the message whenever is convenient for him. Despite all the advantages, people often abuse online communication, which leads to unsocial life, difficulties with communication and psychological deviation.

Both purposes have their benefits but posting information saves lives, which no doubt is more crucial for people. When people do not have money for a hospital or an expensive operation, they should share it on social media. That will attract people, and they will be able to donate money to those who meet such a tragedy.

There are many different thoughts about it, but I support using the social network for benefits.