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Відгук. Отзыв. Review.(2) – №16

Phones are integral to our lives. Nowadays, you can use it not only for calls but also to watch movies, read books or work. Loads of choices, smartphones for any taste from mini-phone to folding ones, and each has its benefits. 
There are some leading companies, whom people trust the most and Apple is one of them. No doubt, you heard about their phones, the so-called iPhones. The iPhone conquered people’s hearts by its design (I bet, some people bought it because of its beauty), and reliability as the phone serves long terms and functionality. Sure, there are devices with a stronger processor or better camera, but many people still prefer iPhone. Maybe you are one of us.
One and half years ago, my old Xiaomi died, so I needed a new phone, and I chose an iPhone. At this time, my brother owned iPhone X/10, and he recommended it to me. I bought it, the silver one. I have never been sorry for my choice, so here is my review. 
Tell me who provides a better phone design. Are there any in your mind? I fell in love with it. 
It is the first model without frames, with Face-id, which provides 3D scanning and the best security. 
The waterproof announcement explains that you can swim with the phone for 15 minutes, then shake or wipe it, and it will cause no damage.   
The screen with diagonal 5.8, 3D Touch and True-Tone 
The main camera 12+12 megapixels can record in 4k and 60fps, and the selfie camera 1080 pixels and 30 fps, which suits even photographers.
Available in two colours, silver and space grey with 64 or 256 GB.
The 2716 mAh. battery provided with fast charge and wireless charging was a novelty for the phone market.
My favourite is the wireless payment, which saved loads of my time. Now I cannot imagine carrying all my bankcards everywhere, which is inconvenient and you risk losing them.
Nothing can be ideal, and neither iPhone X can.
Its price often scares customers. I bought mine for 500 dollars, which is expensive, so not everyone can afford it.  
Despite the most capacitive battery among all previous models, it is not enough to work all day, so people must use the power bank or the charger.
Some people find shocking the absence of a 3.5mm jack, so no wired earphones anymore. 
True Tone is useless. I wish not to meet this system, as for a long time I 
have not had a clue what was wrong with my screen. True Tone was disgustingly regulating my screen colour, and I could not know why it was happening until I found an offing button in settings. 
There is no car slot, but 256 GB is enough for me.
The waterproof is not 100% reliable. Some experiments show that the phone died when its owner put it under water.
They say, in the summer iPhone usually offs in hot places, but it has never happened with mine.
As a person, who owned Lenovo, Nokia, Xiaomi, and iPhone, my choice would be the same. It has never disappointed me yet. As I mentioned above, the iPhone has the best design outside and inside. Its various functions are simple and desirable to use. Notwithstanding the battery is lower than in my Xiaomi, it has the same capacity. I cannot tell the same about the battery in my Xiaomi, which after one year lost its potential. 
No doubt, iPhone 10 is better than my previous phones, but also 3-4 times more expensive.            
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