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Відгук. Отзыв. Review. – №17

I want to share my experience as a gamer. I was a "World of Tanks" fan. It is a strategy game where two teams on tanks fight each other until one's losses.

It has had loads of updates, but I want to outline two versions that have the most difference and impact on the game.
The active on June 19 version is my favourite, and millions of gamers admired it, which was worth attention. There were enough maps, nations and tanks to make the gameplay curious.

Of course, there were requests to fix or remove the artillery, but that was a peak time for the game. At that time, it caused loads of discomfort, as its shells could run into other players throughout the whole map, which the players could not predict.

The year after, the new update brought irreversible consequences into the game. The creators added new, balanced maps, nations and tasks to variance the gameplay. The players were satisfied with it until they realized the impact on artillery. The creators fixed its damage, improved the precision and added the effect, that makes the victim slower and weaker, which led to loads of complaints, as nobody wanted to play.  

To summarize, each version has its advantages, and of course, some people still play the game, but it will never be as famous as it was. After those changes, I stopped playing WoT.