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Відгук. Отзыв. Review.(3) – №14

Please tell us about your journey in AcademyBugs.com, and have you found it helpful?

“It is my second live test in this academy, and I have not had any experience in testing before. I believe that even after these two tests and the Academy tutorials I can manage a test cycle. During these tests, the supporters had my back and were very helpful and informative. Also, I appreciate that it is for free, while every course or service wants payment.
I experienced an issue with correct answers in the tests, which was not frequently but confusing when after checking all of the answers, the results showed that there was not a right one.”
Please write in detail about what have you learned in the Academy courses so far.

“The Academy taught me the site testing, which includes where to look for issues, their types and how to report them. Today, I know how to collect logs, record screens and compress photos or videos. Thanks to uTest.”

How is your first impression about the Academy? Did you like the design of the Academy pages?

“When I saw the Academy for the first time, my thoughts asked, why is it so long, why so many tasks, but then I realised what is testing and why it is all about.”
Please tell us about your experience in providing the browser console log.

“Actually, it is not my first experience, as I provided logs on the previous case. I was unaware it was not mandatory in that test, so the supporter told me about that when corrected my mistakes.”
What do you think about the design, performance, and functionality of the testing website in the overview?

“The design is easy to use, without excessive buttons or links and special respect to the site as it does not use advertisements on its pages, which would steal the attention. The performance is one of the disadvantages of this site, as quite often the pages load too long, and another issue is that periodically when I use uTest on more than 2 pages(in Chrome), one of the pages crashes.”

Please write anything else that would be valuable for the Academy team to know about the Academy courses.

 “I do not know if it’s possible for uTest now, but I want to be able to pass more than one project simultaneously.”