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Want to become stronger?
It is not a secret that sport is an integral part of people's lives. Today we have a huge choice variety from gymnastics or gym to boxing or MMA. What is MMA? What I will learn there? Where to join?
Firstly, MMA- mixed martial arts, is a relatively new kind of sport afront of boxing. The first MMA performance was in 1993, called “UFC 1”. In Ukraine, the 2010 captured the first funs when the first competitions were organized. It was the groundbreaking time for this new baked sport, era MMA began.

I have been a member of the leading MMA club in Lviv “MMA Center Lviv”,for 2 years. Here is why I keep training here and why I recommend it.  
Why our club?   

Our goals:
One of our coaches, also the first master of sports in the Lviv region is Ruslan Telibalev. He conquered this title after winning the bronze in the lightest weight “56 kg”, in the Czech Republic. 
Our members won loads of medals and rewards on regional competitions, Ukraine cups and world cups that you can see in the profile of the club on Instagram.

Oleg Gritsyuk- the main coach, developer of “MMA Centre Lviv” and a great person. He has been connected to MMA for 10 years already and his goal is to raise a strong and healthy generation. 
Ruslan Telibaev, mentioned above, the pupil of Oleg and trainer of the youth group.
Vadim Knishevich and Roman Gritsina, both trainers of morning group, and both replace Ruslan or Oleg in an emergency case. 

The location:

The location- Lviv, Klepaivska 39a Street, on the fourth floor. There in the park you will see a huge building ”Sports centre”(on the picture below), where the guarder will direct you.


The gym:
The huge space, the floor covered with a mat, the walls isolated so that fighters do not run into a sharp edge and hurt themselves. An additional workout gym, for which any club could only dream. The workout gym, punching bags, dumbbells and barbells to makes the training varied and more efficient. A fresh shower after training will chill you up, and if you are not sweating enough, the sauna is waiting for you.

The schedule:

The young group, for children up to 16 y. o. at 7 pm every Tuesday, Thursday and 2 pm every Saturday.

The older group, from 16 y. o. at 8 pm every Monday Wednesday and Friday.

The first free training will introduce us and our activity, to you.

Personal training. It is a training one per one, where coach’s attention is only yours. To make an appointment, contact the trainer on Instagram or the phone numbers (below), but take a note, they are busy, so hurry up.