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Звіт. Отчет. Report – №7

I want to share the experience of my trip with classmates in Kyiv.
There were loads of excursions, from exhibits and monuments to the entertainment centre and park. Everybody enjoyed the journey.
It was 3 days and 2 nights of pleasure, where we learned a lot and had a rest from the daily routine.

The visit to museums improved our historical knowledge, there we saw and heard the history of our ancestors. It was full of old exhibits, machines, tools and other equipment, which everyone was curious to see and touch if it was permitted.

We also visited the list of historical pieces such as the monument of Taras Shevchenko, Town Hall and my favourite, the cave with a bunker inside. The entrance of the cave was at the top of the hill and to get there was an accomplishment.

We visited a botanical park with loads of rare exhibits I did not hear about before, such as the oldest and highest oak in Ukraine, which was so thick, that I could not believe my eyes. The guide has been leading us throughout the area and describing the exhibits and their origin.  

I think the program was too busy and hurrying to catch up everything. We have not had enough time to enjoy and look at everything around us. The program must be balanced so people could take a breath and look at everything new.
Cannot wait for the next journey.