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Dear business owner,


Did you know that the Yankelovich Center for Social Science Research at the University of California in San Diego found that US citizens are subject to 5000 ads per day from various media including the web, TV, radio, newspaper, etc? What about other countries? The same thousands of ads per day from the web, TV, radio, you name it!


Well, if one of these ads is yours, it better be good!


Most companies are starving for even the slightest attention from their prospect and customer. At best everyone wants to make a sale! And to continue to make sales over and over again, year in and year out!

Now take a look closely at nearly every brand you know today and its advertising, content, and calls to action. Is there something that could be changed in order to increase the monthly, quarterly, or annual revenue? Yes, there is a lot to change towards betterment. And a lot of groundwork for marketers!


Indeed, you either grab them by their eyeballs and lure them to consider your proposition. Or your efforts are gone. And for this particular prospect, maybe forever! My core steps in marketing are boiling down to these:


#1. I'm looking for facts with the perceived value for an audience that none of the brand's competitors haven't described or highlighted yet. This is the solid ground for my work. Easy to say than to do!


#2. I pinpoint the reasons why your product or service is superior to other solutions on the market. That's also very important;


#3. I'm creating the USP, CTA, and urgency factor for ordering your product or service today. Slash illusions from your mind about the call to action. It must be natural or wise prospects will quickly understand your intentions.

Only experienced marketers are able to carry out successfully steps mentioned above. Try to be incompetent or worst, negligent to them, and all marketing efforts could go down the drain.


My working process:


First of all, I'm preparing for every assignment through in-depth research by studying the market, product, and heavy users. Additionally, aiming at the heavy users, I'm trying to catch 80% of prospects. Thus, research is an inevitable part of the copy's developing process before my hands are on the keyboard.


This approach guarantees high conversion rates of sales and conversion from 4% to 15% and up.

Are there other factors that influence conversion? It depends on the market, audience, products, price, season, competitors, marketing strategy, sales department, length of the copy, bullets in the copy, and many more.


Define whether it's better to touch the logical or emotional appeal of prospects and customers. Successful appeal guarantees you the advantage over the crowds of me-competitors in your business.


Another thing you must know as the product owner is this. Customers are willing to read every piece of copy and evaluate it through their skeptical apparatus. The higher price of your product, the more persuasive copy you must have.

If you have a product starting from 100$ and up? Then you need to persuade others that your product is great or someone else will do that and take prospects and customers from you!


If you need a top-notch copywriter, I  urge you to write me today! Most of my materials include blog posts, flyers, guest posts, product descriptions, press releases, sales letters, landing pages, white papers, classified ads, e-mail letters, and many more.


Thank you for your time!


Additional contact details:

e-mail: [email protected];

Skype: live:.cid.b42f8d1b9f4f08aa;

Phone/Telegram/Viber: +380935290396

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