Remote QA Engineer

I’m ISTQBcertified Test Manager, have huge experience in QA and big amount of projects.
In my presentposition I'm responsible for managing a testing team and all the quality
assurance on a project, hiring and mentoring new employees.
I work closelywith a production department and able to indentify problems before they
affected production deadlines.
I am pleased tobecome a part of your team and contribute to the implementation of company's
•    Understanding of software development lifecycle;
•    Experience in writing test documentation: TestPlans, Check Lists, Test Cases, Bug Reports;
•    Work with QA documentation: SRS, Use Cases,Test Plan;
•    Basic knowledge in SQL, HTML/CSS,JavaScript, Unix systems, Selenium;
•    Software development methodologies: Agile,Scrum, Waterfall;
•    Bug tracking systems: Jira, Redmine, Mantis;
•    Networking: Internet Browsers - IE, MozillaFirefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari -based browsers;
•    Experience in testing of Web, mobile anddesktop applications on different platforms: Windows, Unix (Linux, Solaris),
Android, iOS
•    Devices available:
Android phones: Samsung Galaxy S4, Nexus 5x, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Meizu MX6;
Android tablets: Prestigio Wize 3131, Assistant AP-115G;
iOS devices:iPad 3, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 5c.