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Перевод любой литературы с английского языка

2630 year. Age of new technologies and progress. People study space, inventing robots, improve healthcare and are looking for the secret of immortality. Fly to the moon for people who do not care that the rest of the sea. But the most important thing is the study of space (because the Earth is not the same as before).
-Come on, Mom, hurry up we're late for our hypervelocity ship! - Cried little Elizabeth.
-Yes, yes, I’m ready... I’d take all necessary things. We did not fly to the moon but to the planet Metereo.
The Clips are a friendly and a bit noisy family. Father Jonathan, a scientist involved in technology, inventing spaceships and exploring new planets and their inhabitants. Therefore, a ticket to a new and almost unexplored land they got almost for nothing. He had to go alone with his colleagues, but of course, his seventeen year old son, his daughter and wife, accompanied with him.
While Michael (his son) packed all things in a special "post baggage" that could move anywhere in your town just half for hour, his father prepared his superbiofly electronic car or just SBFC, which hovered over the town and was charged by sunlight, without polluting the environment. Jonathan was very proud of this invention, even though it was an obsolete model.
They arrived to their destination, where they waited for the father's colleagues and a spaceship. It was very spacious and with new unusual gadgets. They occupied their seats and ... 3, 2, 1 ... Go!
It was their first joint flight. Elizabeth could not believe that this actually happened. But most of all she liked- to float around the cabin, doing various flips and somersaults. Sally (her mom) did not like that travel, and as always, clutching the armrest, closed her eyes and hoping that everything would be fine. As for Michael who almost always flew with his father, he sat quietly and laughed at his mother.
At that time, Jonathan and his colleagues, Elton and Dale, discussed the flight plan and prepared the necessary equipment. The ship moved by itself, and the speed was not very high.
Their first stop was on Mars. Gently landing and putting on their spacesuits, everybody breathed a sigh of relief.
-So good that we managed to occupy the place at the parking space in time! Because it holiday season now. - Noticed Jonathan.
-But, Dad, we could stay in any of the flying hotels”.
-Yes you're right, son, but it is very barely to find, because it has no definite place. And plus the entire budget we have is calculated only for refueling.
-Come on, let’s have some proper food and rest after a long trip. - Mother said, yawning.
They all went to a special, oxygen supply building. There was a dining room and a bedroom.
After a good rest they faced the most complex and lengthy phase-Metereo. They were all seated in their places, Elton ran the ship. Speed was the maximum, so they needed an experienced and professional pilot, like he as.
During the flight, Jonathan had made inquiries about the planet.
-Look, scientists believe that there are only bacteria. There I doubt will appear the same creatures as we are the humans. Still, they have a different climate, though it is unknown ... but we are behind it and fly! For the clue!
-I’d like to be as optimistic as you are, Jonathan. - Sally said, grabbing her son.
This time the flight was much longer and tedious. But in the end, they landed on the planet Metereo. All applauded, but Sally applauded, of course, the loudest.
-I volunteer to be the first. - said Michael.
-No! Let someone else be the first! - Cried the mother.
So, I’ll go first. Then Dale and the third is Michael. All the rest will stay here. - All nodded in agreement.
They left the shop. The land was turquoise in some places and there could be seen strange plants that grew near the black muddy water.
-We need to take samples of water, plants and soil.
Michael got a special bag and put there a little piece of the land. Dale reached out to the plant, and suddenly it just hid under the ground and appeared in another place. He ran after it. Jonathan took from his pocket a sharp object and poked it into the water. It was like a jelly. He turned around to call Dale, but he wasn’t there!
-Michael, where is Dale?
-Dale? I don’t know, I have just seen him. Where could he go?
-Hey, listen, here everything is just like in the desert, everything can be seen a mile away, but we can’t see him.
-Dad, I'll go to take a search engine. And you still look for him.
Michael left, and Jonathan wondered. "Where has he gone?" He looked everywhere.
"Was he suddenly was dragged by some alien? Or did he see anything?"
And then he saw a huge deep hole, which led off into the unknown distance. It was very dark. He turned a flashlight on his spacesuit and shone there. Still he couldn’t see anything. Soon Michael came.
-Dad, I’ve brought it. Have you found anything?
-Yes, have a look here.
-Wow! And do we need to climb there?
-I’ll climb alone. Wait here.
-But it is very dangerous, I won’t let you alone!
But we need to find Dale. I'm going, I will take all necessary... and you should be in the vehicle.
 -I cannot stand it anymore! It’s bad that we let him go!
-Mum, Elton went with him. I think everything will be okay, don’t worry.
-How can you talk about it so calmly! ...
Somebody knocked at the door.
-What? - All turned to the door, but Elizabeth was sleeping in her crib.
Michael gleefully ran to the door.
-Dad! ... What?
There were standing three strange creatures at the door, but it was not Elton, Dale and Jonathan. They were completely covered with soot and also had those strange plants ... Sally shuddered.
-Oh, my God! Who are you?
One of these creatures raised his hand and pointed at Sally. In nasty squeaky voice he said: -Sallyyyyy." And then someone was twitching. And they heard a loud laugh.
-Well, what are you doing! You have spoilt everything! - The voice of Elton could be clearly heard.
Michael and Sally froze from disbelief.
All the three began laughing out loud, and it became immediately clear who that really was.
-Don’t tease me! - Sally cried. - Where have you been?
"We were looking for Dale; he fell into that hole and got stuck there. We had to rely on the sound because there is an entire system of tunnels!
Elizabeth ran joy fully around the cabin. Jonathan told all the details to Michael. They got ready, and finally went home.
-I’ll never go with you for a travel! - Sally sighed. And everybody laughed.

2630 год. Век новых технологий и прогресса. Люди вовсю изучают космос, изобретают роботов, улучшают медицину и ищут секрет бессмертия. Слетать на луну для людей, все равно, что отдохнуть на море. Но самое развитое в этих сферах - это изучение космоса (ведь Земля уже не такая как прежде).
-Ну же, мам, скорей мы опаздываем на наш гиперскоростной корабль!- Закричала маленькая Элизабет.
-Да да, уже бегу… сейчас только сложу все необходимое. Мы все-таки летим не на луну, а намного дальше, на планету Metereo.
Семья Клипсов, дружная и немного шумная семья. Отец Джонатан- ученый, занимается технологиями, изобретает космические корабли и изучает новые планеты и их обитателей. Поэтому билет на новую, почти неизведанную землю им достался почти даром. Он должен был ехать один со своими коллегами, но конечно, его семнадцатилетний сын, маленькая дочь и жена, увязались с ним.
Пока Майкл (сын) относил все вещи в специальную “почту багажа”, которая могла перенести его в любую точку вашего города буквально за пол часа, его отец подготавливал свою superbiofly electronic car or just SBFC, которая парила над городом и заряжалась от солнечного света, не загрязняя окружающую среду. Джонатан этим изобретением очень гордился, хоть это была и устаревшая модель.
И вот они приехали на место назначения, где их ждали коллеги отца и космический корабль. Он был очень вместительный и с новыми необычными примочками. Вот все уже расселись по местам и… 3,2,1… Старт!
Это был их первый совместный полет. Элизабет, очутившись в космосе и увидев все это своими глазами, просто не могла поверить, что это происходит на самом деле. Но больше всего ей понравилось парить по кабине, делая различные сальто и кувырки. Салли (мама) не любила все эти перелеты и как всегда, вцепившись в подлокотник, зажмурилась и надеялась, что все будет хорошо и доедут они без происшествий. А Майкл, почти каждый раз, летавший со своим отцом, спокойно сидел и посмеивался над мамой.
В это время Джонатан со своими коллегами, Элтоном и Дейлом, обсуждали план полета и подготавливали всю необходимую аппаратуру. Корабль стоял на автопилоте, и скорость была не такой уж и быстрой.
Первая их остановка была на Марсе. Аккуратно приземляясь и надевая скафандры, все вздохнули с облегчением.
-Как хорошо, что мы успели занять место на космической стоянке! Или пришлось бы думать, где бы можно было еще остановиться. Ведь сейчас как раз сезон отпусков.- Заметил Джонатан.
-Но, пап, мы бы могли остановиться в любом летающем отеле.
-Да ты прав, сынок, только его еле как найдешь, ведь у него нет определенных координат. Да и плюс ко всему бюджет, которым мы располагаем, рассчитывается только на заправку.
-Пойдемте лучше перекусим нормальной еды и отдохнем после долгой поездки.- Сказала мама, зевая.
Все дружно отправились в специальное, обеспеченное кислородом здание. Там была столовая и спальни.
После отличного отдыха им предстоял самый сложный и долгий этап- Metereo. Все уселись по местам, кораблем управлял Элтон. Скорость была самая максимальная, поэтому нужен был опытный и профессиональный пилот, каким он и являлся.
Во время полета Джонатан навел справки насчет этой планеты.
-Посмотрите, ученые полагают, что там обитают только бактерии, это напоминает начальное развитие нашей Земли. Но я сомневаюсь, что там появятся такие же как мы, люди. Все-таки у них другой климат, хотя неизвест...