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5 ways to enjoy your time in Moscow

5 Reasons to visit Moscow this winter
Planning your ongoing vacation in Russia, you definitely cannot avoid spending at least a few days in Moscow. It’s one of the most visited destinations worldwide. This great city is also known as Third Rome and most tourists prove that their impression of the city coincide with this proverb. We are not going to advise you common places that are discovered by each and every of visitors. Our idea is to give some worth using tips on how to fill your time in the capital of the biggest world’s country in a most entertaining and unforgettable way. Winter time is a magic season in a number of other well-known places, but it’s certainly something special when it comes to Moscow. Reading further you are going to understand why and what must see places you should explore.
We’d like to start with the biggest Christmas Festival in Europe that takes place in Moscow from December,17 till January,14. It connects more than 12 million visitors each year. And it’s quite natural as everyone finds something to their taste: best delicious treats from all parts of Russia and Europe; fantastic luminous installations and shows by street theaters and most talented artists from all over the world. You’ll definitely enjoy your time here and make wonderful memories.
A stopover #2 is one of Moscow’s famous parks like Kolomenskoe, Tsaritsino, VDNH or Gorky park. Go there and enjoy Russian kind of winter fun. You can behave like a kid and feel full freedom while snow fighting, sledging and wallowing in the snow.
A must is to visit outstanding fairy ice shows. Russia is well-known for figure skating. Our amazing figure skating stars will impress you greatly.
Maybe you’ve heard of the next place we are going to advise you to visit. It’s GUM skating rink which is situated right in the heart of Moscow city, Red Square. It’s associated with romantic New Year and Christmas time. Go skating there and feel the heartbeat of Moscow. If you are travelling with you loved one, it’s certainly the right place to start your romantic evening.
Our last but not the least idea is our personal great love. You should attend a wonderful show of Zapashny brothers. It’s not just circus, it’s the art. Don’t miss the opportunity to find out why their shows are so popular and one of a kind.
We strongly believe there is no way of not enjoying your winter holidays in Moscow. It will be the greatest and memorable experience in your whole life. Let it snow.