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# Guess what kind of music could reflect my creation process⭐The answer is on the tip of your tongue already, I know. ⭐Most of the time its SADE. 🔅Moreover, her songs were guiding me while I was creating my best works (though I love them all but some appear to be special). ⭐To say more, I find myself in the flood of creativity anytime I listen to my favourite Jezebel, Soldier of Love, Smooth Criminal ❇Why Sade? 🎷She is a real Goddess of style and beauty, difference and originality. All I cherish,to be exact) 🙏
🎷Then, jazz is fully my cup of tea, till thrill and tremble. 🎷Sade has African ancestry. And you know what Africa means to me. 🎷To tell a long story short, this woman is something cosmic! ❇And I dont even really need any reasons to like her music as its obvious love from both the first sight and sound 🔅Have you ever heard of Sade? If you listen to her, what are your favourites?

# They frequently ask me: how did it happen that your main inspiration is of Africa🔅? ❇First of all, let's dive into my childhood. ◾Being a child full of curiosity I found out quite easily Africa to be the beginning of entire life. ◾And there it went...tons of books, documentaries, music, art and so on.
❇In the second place, my accidental future career. ◾To admit, I've been into languages for really long when I made a strong decision to study Arabic at university. ◾It's not about love to the East.
◾ It's just about my strange concern that dealing with European languages seems to be boring, well known and lacking interest, for me. ◾I wanted some kind of circus show 🎪in my life. ◾So I made it through and entered the uni. ◾And that's where the story gets funny.🙈
◾ Imagine...the first of September, me in my super excited condition and full of proud. And Bam! 💥
◾They say: guys, there has been a tiny problem 👼with your teacher of Arabic, so you're going to be truly talented translators from the Amharic language. ◾To cut it short, all students and I don't even have an idea where it is even spoken. ◾As we knew later, it's the official language of Ethiopia, Africa. 🔅That's how I fell in love with Black continent and why it's my main theme in design) Don't forget to like ❤ my story if it appears to be a bit entertaining.