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 Podolsky Rabochy Advertizement February 8, 2013
Sergey Vladimirovich Sologub, president, ARS group (Russian Investment Building Holding) management board chairman, has higher engineering and law education, law sciences candidate, residing in Moscow region.
The ARS group history dates back from 2004.  Currently the company comprises 12 affiliate companies specializing at real estate management, development, construction, manufacturing operation, legal assistance, catering companies’ management and the construction of the marines for yachts. Our holding Russian investment building holding “ARS Group had been formed in 2011 by means of the aforementioned companies merging and the main activity of which is to invest and implement the projects, constructed by the Group.
Such large scale projects as residential micro-districts and club villages in Zvenigorod, Vidnoye, Podolsk, Terminal “A” for business aviation in Sheremetyevo 2 airport, entertainment complex “Ruki Vverkh” in Moscow and other.
The company has participated in investors tender announced by Krasnodar government for the participation at city centre reconstruction with citizens complete moving and have successfully won it. Moreover, we have completed negotiations with Federal Fund on the favoring of residential construction development on the construction in Krasnodar micro districts similar to our RC “Vesenny”. We conduct negotiations with Rostov region governor on the construction of the same district in Rostov- on- Don.
The ARS group cooperates with the following banks: “SberBank of Russia”, “VTB 24”, “Ural Sib Bank”, “Nomos Bank” and UK PIF “Kapital Bank”. We have good reputation and credit history at the aforementioned banks. You can find more information about us and our projects at ARS group official web site which is regularly updated. The company is democratic and its tasks are transparent. In several years we plan to place 20% of our shares at London stock exchange
Out team
We have the team of young and experienced professionals using modern technologies in construction
Our additional options
Our won company ARS telecommunications provides us with the possibility to be efficient mobile and Internet connection operators in all districts constructed by us.
We are working on the basis of Federal Law #214 – FL on the participation at shared construction of multi storeyed buildings and other real estate units
About RC  Vesenny project
Legality observation is our company main principle
RC “Vesenny” is a sole large-scale unit in Podolsk to which we invest more that 5.5 milliard rubles. The main thing we have started with is the obtaining of permission documentation for the construction in accordance with the requirements of all regulatory and legislative acts. Currently we have all set of documents. This set of documents includes agreed project of residential complex planning in the areas of Lagovskoye village, technical  conditions from Podolsk and some companies of Klimovsk for water supply, water drainage, sewage, storm sewage and power supply. The participation at the reconstruction of Podolsk power supply stations warrants us the possibility to provide residential complex with megawatts of electricity, which we are going to get from Podolsk micro district Gulevo. We have already signed an agreement with power supply station. Moreover we will have electricity excess, which we are ready to sell. It is worth to be noted at the construction of residential complex Vesenny is under control of Moscow region government.
About prices for flats
We construct five monolith- brick building with various amounts of floors (17-23 floors) at the individual project supposing increased sound isolation for 125 thousand meters of lodging at the areas of Lagovskoye village in Podolsk district at newly formed village with beautiful title Sosnovy Bor. These buildings will comprise one; two, three –room flats of free planning starting from 40 square meters. The prices vary in frames of 55-58 rubles for square meter. Please pay attention that the prices for flats depend on the construction stage, so at the beginning of construction stage the customers might use very profitable price offer and mortgage from JSC “Sberbank of Russia”.
Infrastructure of new residential micro district supposes the construction of school and kinder garden. We have adopted decision in cooperation with Podolsk district administration to increase the amount of places in kinder garden up to 12 groups having 15 children in each and total amount of 180 places. We also plan to construct swimming pool there. The swimming pool is supposed to in school for 380 places as well.  The construction of sport ground is planned as well. The ground floors of residential complex will include pharmacy, post, police department and other social structures. RC "Vesenny" is interesting for future dwellers by the vicinity of large-scale trade centers- Leroi Merlen and Globus. The complex comprises at pace vicinity sport complex, swimming pool, carting club, fishermen club and lot of other things. Moreover the project supposes underground and ground parking for each residential complex.
Environment and transport
RC «Vesenny» stretches at closed vicinity from wood massive. It has direct passing to speedway to Moscow which is 30 minutes drive. This is very convenient for people working in the capital and for those who are in a hurry to Domodedovo and Vnukovo airports. You can easily get from Moscow to residential complex «Vesenny» by car via Simpheropol speedway. You can get there by bus or cross town taxi # 435 from “Yuzhnaya” or “Annino” metro stations and in-town railroad transport by the “Vesennyaya” station (Kursk direction). In future we plan trolley bus line launching with final stop at close vicinity from RC «Vesenny» in near-by micro district “Kutuzovo” in Podolsk city. After Warsaw speedway reconstruction is completed it will be possible to get to Moscow centre by car.
 It might be interesting to read
Our credo is to try to attract shared construction participants money in rare cases. We act as investors ourselves, plus the financing of our partner PIF Capital. This way the construction does not depend on the flat sales and will be completed in specified term – 4th quarter of 2014. And all this despite the fact that we have started the construction from heavy heritage – 60 deceived shared construction participants from previous company “Stroy Monolith”. The Moscow region government minister on shared construction, slum and emergency dwelling A.B. Kogan has prompted the company to drag these shared construction participants. Currently we have concluded agreements on shared construction participation with them  by thus taking them out of grey scheme/ people have got the flats at the same price they have booked lodgings 5 years ago when they had been let’s say successfully deceived. At the same time we have provided them with the possibility to buy two room flats at extra charge taking into account current prices instead of one room flats they booked before.
S. Oskin “I  want to live here too”
This is my fifth unit. The first one was the reconstruction of famous Bakery House foundation in Tsaritsino. Currently I head the construction works at «Vesenny» RC. We have surrounded construction site, put foundation. The foundation basis is very good- loam. But one way or another it supposes water drainage system. We have nearly 250 persons in the team: monolith workers, steel men, concrete workers, top cord workers, welders- the professionals, and lot of whom have higher education. Now, we cover walls with concrete. We work 24/7. Each coverage is double checked at the lab. The form is being heated and taken away not earlier than in two weeks. Russian Technical surveillance department is checking works quality once a month. Residential complex will be very comfortable. By the way I plan buying a flat here too, while I live in Birulevo. The payment is rather good, the team is friendly and the cold is not a problem for us.
You can find out detailed information about the company, the construction course of RC “Vesenny”, lodging purchase conditions and other information you are interested at RC “Vesenny” official web site. Or call: sales department 8 (495)2298569, 8 (495)7764754
Phone/fax: 8 (495)2211134
Done by Valentina Loginova
Photos from archive and Vladimir Ivanchenko
S. Sologub People will get new flats soon
Sergey Vladimirovich Oskin the head of RC Vesenny project