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Перевод на английский язык – №18

Agency agreement
Lugansk city
__________ year 200__
Sharm models agency on the behalf of its’ director Makushenko T. A. hereinafter referred as “agency”, acting on the basis of its’ Charter and _______________________ hereinafter referred as “Model” have agreed upon the following:

  • Subject of the agreement.

  • The agency bears the responsibility to provide the above model with the advertising, movie and show business related job, to represent and to protect model’s legal status, related as to her activity in Ukraine, as abroad.
  • Model acknowledges the Agency to be her mother agency with exclusive rights as in Ukraine as well as abroad by performing all types of jobs offered by the agency and stipulated by this agreement.

  • General conditions.

  • The agency main goal and objective is to form modeling market by all applicable means.
  • The agency takes up to perform only those jobs of its’ clients which are mutually profitable to all involving parties: client, agency and model.
  • The agency deals only with those models whom it trusts and who trust the agency.
  • The model performs all types of jobs under the agency control, from its consent. The model should inform the agency about the jobs offered by other agencies and firms. The work offered by the agency should be the first in model’s priorities.

  • The obligations of the parties.

  • The agency is obliged:

  • To conduct all negotiations concerning offers and contracts related to model’s professional activity and take decisions concerning them.
  • To sign the permissions related with the use of model’s name and image, to conduct any actions on the behalf of the model, which are related to her professional activity.
  • To claim, collect and receive on the behalf of the model any types of remuneration made in cash, by invoice or any other way; to carry out, to draw up and send money transfers; to sign, deposit any check, bills and other money papers and securities, signed and paid on the behalf of the model.
  •  To organize consultations aimed at model’s image development, including but not limited to general style, hair style and make up.
  • To conduct negotiations with photographers, stylists concerning all issues related to portfolio shooting. To print necessary amount of composites and photo materials for model’s promotion.
  • To ensure model’s security during work performance.
  • To control exact terms and types of jobs performed by model.
  • To remunerate model’s work under her qualification within 90 days after the job had been performed.
  • To assume technical side of paper work (passport, visas, and travel documents) for a model in case the agency has signed the contract for a model to work abroad.
  • To follow a complete privacy concerning model’s information and her work conditions.

  • The model is obliged:

  • To perform all types of jobs offered by the agency, set in this contract on a good level and within the terms set by the agency.
  • To provide the agency with the exclusive rights set in the contract. To acknowledge the agency to be her exclusive agent in the domains of advertising, cinema and show business, assisting by all means in its’ successful activity, promoting it on all levels. To be loyal to the agency.
  • To solve all financial issues related to job provided by present agreement. To keep confidential concerning financial and other work conditions, and concerning personal information (telephone, address).
  • To display maximum professionalism and perform diligently and promptly necessary work, clients’ or agency instructions during castings, shootings and shows.
  • To look good and tidy when going to work or casting. If the model violates this point the agency has the right to reject model visiting castings and performing jobs.
  • To be always in time at all meetings, stated by the agency, including but not limited to confirmed jobs, castings, go-sees, rehearsals etc. The agency has the right to claim model to reimburse the agency all the expenses incurred by it in case if model fails to be in time or to come to work.
  • To be in a good mood during castings or job performance, to perform job on a high professional level.
  • To treat with respect all agency stuff regardless of their position.
  •  Model should always be reachable and ready to be in time at any casting.
  • In case if model has to miss casting or confirmed job because of bad state of health or physical state, she has to notify agency in advance about her failure to be in a stated place and to ground her failure to be on a stated meeting. In such case model has to inform agency in advance about her state in accordance to medical report or presence of serious signs of illness (high temperature, cough etc.).
  • To follow the rules stated by employer, to follow strictly the decisions and instructions of the agency related to modeling including but not limited to appearance (cloths, hair style, make -up), model’s behavior during the entire term of this agreement. In case if model treats agency claims and decisions unethical, unjust or against model’s moral principles, she has to ground in writing her opinion so that the agency could take it into account.
  • To reimburse the agency all the fees incurred by it, due to job stoppage through the model’s guilt.
  • To be at the job place 30 minutes before the time specified and to be ready to perform the job sharp in time specified.
  • To take part in the activities, that raise the agency prestige, the activities that are connected with agency promotion and with the promotion of model herself (TV, media, fashion shows etc).
  • To inform the agency about job offers coming from the third parties or organizations. The job with these parties can only be acceptable upon the basis of the agreements concluded by the agency in accordance to the point 3.1.1 of the present agreement.
  • To keep ideal fit for job performance and aim at corresponding with ideal measurements.

Actual measurements: Date________
Waist _________,
Ideal measurements:
Waist _________,
In case if model’s measurements are different for more then 2 cm from the ones stated upon the date of agreement signing, the agency has the right to suspend  model until she gains ideal measurements.

  • Model shouldn’t change her appearance (hair style, hair color etc) without prior approval of the agency.

Actual hair color_________________
Actual hair length__________________
3.2.18 Model shouldn’t take part in beauty contests and other show programs in Ukraine and abroad without prior approval of the agency.
3.2.18. Model should come to all castings offered by the agency in a stated time and with all items, necessary for casting.
3.2.19. Model shouldn’t leave her place of living for a long period of time without giving a notice to the agency, as well as change phones and addresses without giving a notice to the agency.
4. Financial points.
4.1. The agency pays model’s work in accordance to her qualification and job conditions.
4.2. The agency doesn’t pay model’s participation in castings, fittings, rehearsals.
4.3. Model pays the agency all expenses incurred by it at the model’s image creation and development according to the credit.
4.4. Model pays the agency a percentage from her earnings specified in the agreement concluded by the agency with a third party.
The agency takes as remuneration 20% of the fees due to model upon the completion of work in the territory of Ukraine, and 10 % of her gross earning before deduction of all expenses due to foreign contacts and agreements, from 20% to 50 % upon model’s participation in direct bookings or campaigns.
4.5. All transportation fees, as well as the fees related to model’s professional image during job time (make up, manicure, tights etc) shall be borne by model. The agency doesn’t reimburse such expenses.
5. The parties’ liabilities.
5.1. The parties bear full financial liability for non fulfillment or incomplete fulfillment of the conditions, stated in the present agreement.
5.1.1. In case of the agency failure to perform a confirmed job, it has to reimburse the model the expenses incurred by her.
5.1.2. In case of the model’s failure to perform a confirmed job, she has to reimburse the agency all the expenses incurred, as well as the fines paid by the agency to client.
5.2. In case if the agency reimburses the damages borne by client due to model’s guilt during the job performance, the model should reimburse the agency all the expenses borne by it.
5.3. In case if the model breaks point 3.2.7., the agency has the right to claim to terminate the model’s contract with third party and to reimburse the losses. Moreover the model has to pay the agency the damage in the amount equivalent of 200% from the earning received by model from the third party.
5.4. In case if the model breaks point 4.4., the agency retains as damage, an amount equivalent to 200% of the agency commissions sum.
6. Other agreement provisions.
6.1. The model performs the following types of work:
- Shows and displays of cloths, shoes, head dresses, lingerie, bathing suits, accessories, hair dresses
- Participation in TV commercials and music reels, films
- Participation in advertising video shooting
- working as promoter at exhibitions, presentations, actions aimed at promoting goods and services.
6.2. This agreement is made in two copies (one per each party), with equal juridical force.
6.3. This agreement can be terminated earlier upon mutual negotiations of the parties if there are no financial or other claims from the agency side.

7. The conditions of agreement cancellation.
7.1. Model takes the responsibility to perform diligently all ...