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First of all, I want to talk about the word “creativity”. What is creativity? For me creativity is people who come with different or unusual types of ideas. You can show what is in you, how you want to deal with the problem or how you can solve the problem. We can also say that it is some procedure. Creativity is used all around us. We can see it in our daily life, when we go shopping, in restaurants just everywhere. But there are also people who work with creativity. Their job is using creativity like a means to come up with new ideas. And this is what I want to talk about today. How we can use creativity in different types of media and how to work with it.
I think that the internet is the type of media where we can use the most of creativity. They say that the internet is a place of freedom. And I think that it is true. Because we can establish for example our website or we can write our opinions on some forums. I think that the internet has one big advantage beside the other media. And that is we can find there a lot of applications where we can share our creativity.
For example, Youtube. Youtube is a place where we can record our videos and that videos can be almost about everything. In the whole process we use our creativity.  Because we have to come up with the idea what will be the video about and then there are also some postproduction activity. The “Youtuber” want to convince the viewers to click on his video so there is also need to be a good title. I also like the idea of Youtube that you don’t need to be some guy with high level of education or you need to have some permission to record videos. Anybody can record on Youtube!
When we talk about the internet we have to mention web design. Every page which we click has some interface. And this is very important because we want to convince people to stay on our page and read for example some articles. And the first look does a lot so the web designers need to use their creativity and create something which will be interesting for people.
The next media which I want to talk about is TV. On the TV we can see a lot of creativity. I think the main way how TV presents their creativity is through the ads. In the ads we can see how people come up with a lot of different types of idea how to catch up your attention. Because in time where we live we have so many products and it is hard to decide which one we want to choose. So the creators of ads need to convince us to buy their product and for that they use their creativity.
But TV is not only about ads. We can also see creativity in programs. And now I am not talking about only movies but shows like Československo got talent or Show Jana Krause. Today´s viewer is hard to interest so it is very important to come up with original and interesting type of shows. I think that the great example of this show is TV show called Partička. In this show actors don’t have anything prepared so they need to improvise and show their creativity how to deal with some kind of situation.
The next important things where we use creativity in TV are TV spots. It is obvious that TV station cannot broadcast only new movies so they repeat them after a while .They have to convince you to watch it again. And to do so they have to come up with some interesting TV spots where they use their creativity and think about how can they do that.
The next media where we can see creativity is a newspaper. Nowadays when everything is happening in the internet or TV, newspapers buy less and less people. If the creators want to stay on the market they really need to show up their creativity to catch up the people. I think that creativity in newspapers is seen in the design and how they look. They also need to write some interesting articles and try to be different and original than the competition. The next important thing is write the true and don’t give us fake information! Unfortunately lots of newspapers try to fool us with this so we need to be careful in what we will believe.
In the radio creativity is important for people who speak to us. Because we can´t see them they need to do everything with their voice and I think it is really hard to catch up our attention with only one sensor. They also use creativity when they decide which song will play. So they need to watch what is trendy and don’t be afraid of playing something different. Creativity is also used when they come up with competitions for listeners. This helps to keep up listeners.
In the end, I want to tell that it is really important to keep up creativity alive and don’t fall into the stereotype. Not only for media but also for people! If you want to manage something in your life you need to stay focus and try to do things with creativity and more differently than other people do. The same thing applies for media. If you want to be the best in the business don’t be afraid to do things with creativity and love.